Free Software for Starving Students CD

Software for Starving Students is a free collection of the best programs for Windows and Mac for students easily compiled on a CD. The 2007.01 editions are now available for Download (DMG for Mac users, ISO for Windows).

The amazing Windows software include
7-Zip, Ant Renamer, Audacity, Blender, BZFlag, Celestia, ClamWin, DeepBurner Free, Dia, Enigma, Eraser, Exact Audio Copy, FileZilla, Firefox, Freeciv, Gaim, GIMPShop, GLtron, GNU Chess, Icebreaker, Inkscape, Juice Receiver, KeePass, MozBackup, NVU,, Paint.NET, PDFCreator, Portable Apps, POV-Ray, PuTTY, SolarWolf, Spybot S&D, Stellarium, SuperTux, The GIMP Toolkit, Thunderbird, Tortoise SVN, Tux Paint, Tux Racer, Tux Typing 2, VLC, WinDirStat, Wink, winLAME, WinSCP, XAMPP, Torrent

The FAQ reveals that each software title on this disc is distributed under license terms as indicated on its software description page, on the CD. Where no license is listed, has obtained permission to redistribute the software as part of this CD. The Software for Starving Students CD are distributed under terms of a Creative Commons License. You can donate to support the project.

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