How to Clean Apple Mac Mighty Mouse

Did you ever feel the need to clean your Mighty Mouse? – the sleek white mouse that ships with the Apple Mac computers. Here are a collection of tips to effectively clean your Apple mouse…

Apple has official cleaning instructions for the Mighty mouse should you need to clean fingerprints or its soiled surface using a clean lint-free cloth, sometimes moistened with water (with a movie to help you out too).

If you hold your Mighty Mouse upside down, and move your mouse in a circular motion with the scroll ball against the cloth for about a minute, it might work. Don’t press too hard if you don’t want to damage your mouse.

Apple Mighty Mouse Some people try a strip of clear tape to get it cleaned up. Its seems a very thin strip of scotch tape, carefully looped under the scroll ball can provides effective mouse ball cleansing. Sometimes a burst of compressed air can get your scroll button working.

But if you are really willing to take the risk and want to clean up every bit of your Mighty mouse, try out the step by step instructions to open up the Mighty Mouse and throughly clean it. But this comes with a few warnings – “This will void your warranty on the mouse. If you do not feel comfortable with small items, or have large fingers, do not do this yourself.” and “If this procedure does not work, your scroll mechanism is fried, and it’s time to visit the Apple Store.” Another tutorial to open up the mouse. Check out a more detailed dissection of the Mighty Mouse.

NOTE: All these tips are experiences shared by the authors of these posts. Use them at your own risk. Else seek professional authorized Apple support.

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