Buy Optimus Maximus Keyboard: Preorders Begin

Optimus Maximus Keyboard is an amazing futuristic keyboard for your computer in the production phase at Art. Lebedev Studio. After creating a lot of buzz about its features and expensive price, the Optimus Maximus Keyboard will finally be available for pre-order from tomorrow on May 20, 2007 at 3pm Moscow time.

The Optimus keyboard enables superior user interaction, by dynamically displaying the current function of the keys e.g. . Press the shift key, the pictures would change to upper-case versions. It makes switching between different keyboard layouts easy like English and Cyrillic. Dvorak format users can easily rearrange the keys and switch from the QWERTY keyboard layout. It will embed OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screens for keys.

optimus maximus keyboard

Their store shows that the Optimus Maximus Keyboard with 114 color OLED screens embedded in every key will have a expensive sale price of US$1564.37). The production schedule expected is: Beginning of December 2007 -200 keyboards, End of December 2007- 200 keyboards and January 2008 – 400 keyboards.

If you are interested in buying the Optimus Maximus Keyboard, I suggest you keep track of the timer on their site as they start accepting pre-orders on a first come – first served basis. I expect there will be a crazy rush and all the preorders will be sold within a few minutes (if their web server can survive the site traffic!).

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You can also check their other product called Optimus mini three, which is an auxiliary keyboard-informer with three keys displaying static or animated images that’s used as a toolbar, a remote control or an indicator.

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