Adtoll Peel Away Ads: New Innovative Corner Advertising

Peel Away AdI spotted a new Peel away ad format today where a small enticing “Special Offer” image on the top right corner of the website tempted me to hover my mouse, only to reveal a large advertisement as the corner “peeled away” to reveal the ad. Welcome to corner peel away ads – a new advertising concept.

Adtoll Peel Away Ads

Peel Away AdA Peel Away Ad is a new technology by AdToll that shows a peel on the top right hand side of a web site and when the mouse moves over it the peel opens smoothly to reveal the advert within.

This new ad format makes use of the lesser used, yet highly visible top corners of web sites, and is very non intrusive to the site visitor. Since it uses a small amount of space, it is efficient use of web site real estate. And a new advertising format always draws curious clicks for visitors.

It simply requires advertisers to provide the 500×500 banner that appears behind the peel. You can book fixed price Sponsored Ads on specific Publisher sites or you can book a Run of Network campaign priced on a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) basis. If you are interested, you can open an account and start running Peel Away Ads on your site too.

Disclosure – No financial or affiliate interest.


  1. Syahid A. says:

    Love the way it is displayed unobtrusively. And feeling the urge to click on it. Nice way to advertise I must say.

  2. Davinder says:

    Very innovative and effect. Probably, next big thing after 125X125 ad blocs ;)

  3. Mark Van Patten says:

    We have had one on our website for nearly a year.
    Unfortunately it is unsold at this time.

  4. Erica DeWolf says:

    I love these types of advertisements, I feel they are extremely unobtrusive and enticing.

    However, I have found that many individuals dislike it, saying that it interferes with navigation. I do not agree. If the navigation is way up in that corner, then the page is poorly designed.

  5. Rajavanya says:

    You have misunderstood Erica…

    Even though its on the top sometimes, the flash ad lies on the page as a invisible layer blocking you from click links which are even way below it…

    Check out some sites you will know…

  6. donalyza says:

    If you are not comfortable using Adtoll. Get Your own Free Page Peel Away Ads. A step by step guide on how to install it on your blog.

  7. Dan Rucci says:

    Hi everyone… I was just alerted of this blog entry. First of all thanks for the plug and review of our new peel away ads.

    To the rest of you… I encourage you to give it a go. It has been a huge success so far an we have a huge amount of publishers taking it on board. The beauty of using it through AdToll is that you get the benefit of our existing marketplace which is full of advertisers looking to spend money!

    So far the take up from advertisers as also been huge and a lot of sites are being booked.

    Look it doesn’t cost you anything to try!

    If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

  8. Adtoll Forums says:

    Adtoll Peels Are Doing Great Advertisers are getting some great deals too

  9. Calipers says:

    Good idea. It will be harmoniou for visiters.

  10. Roadkill says:

    I never thought I would catch myself saying “Cool ad!”, but these ads are cool.

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