New Dell Latitude Notebooks: 19 Hours Long Battery Life!

Dell has introduced seven new Latitude notebooks for business customers. Battery life is an important component before buying a laptop, and Dell says some of these system configurations can get up to 19 hours battery life, which is a great feature for a business laptop.

Buy Dell Latitude Laptops for Long Battery Life

Most laptops have short battery life and you are always busy finding a power source or carrying additional batteries. Dell Latitude notebooks now offer a significant improvement with long battery life up to 19 hours. They have improved battery life on its 6-cell and 9-cell batteries also. Dell’s ControlPoint software allows users to manage battery power, network and connectivity configurations and system security settings easily.

This video shows how they extended the battery life.

Connectivity is essential and all Latitude laptops offer Wi-Fi (802.11n), mobile broadband options, WWAN, Ultra-wideband and Bluetooth 2.1 and most are WiMAX ready. Several have built in security options like smart card and fingerprint readers, hardware-based disk encryption, contactless smart card technology. Dell’s ControlVault solution centralizes user identity key management and storage.

Of course your laptop will work 19 hours only if you squeeze the maximum battery life possible (with lowest performance), but at least the Dell technology has made it possible and we are headed to the future where you really dont need to keep looking for a power source or spare batteries on your 15-hour air flight.

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