New Dell Latitude Notebooks: 19 Hours Long Battery Life!

Dell has introduced seven new Latitude notebooks for business customers. Battery life is an important component before buying a laptop, and Dell says some of these system configurations can get up to 19 hours battery life, which is a great feature for a business laptop.

Buy Dell Latitude Laptops for Long Battery Life

Most laptops have short battery life and you are always busy finding a power source or carrying additional batteries. Dell Latitude notebooks now offer a significant improvement with long battery life up to 19 hours. They have improved battery life on its 6-cell and 9-cell batteries also. Dell’s ControlPoint software allows users to manage battery power, network and connectivity configurations and system security settings easily.

This video shows how they extended the battery life.

Connectivity is essential and all Latitude laptops offer Wi-Fi (802.11n), mobile broadband options, WWAN, Ultra-wideband and Bluetooth 2.1 and most are WiMAX ready. Several have built in security options like smart card and fingerprint readers, hardware-based disk encryption, contactless smart card technology. Dell’s ControlVault solution centralizes user identity key management and storage.

Of course your laptop will work 19 hours only if you squeeze the maximum battery life possible (with lowest performance), but at least the Dell technology has made it possible and we are headed to the future where you really dont need to keep looking for a power source or spare batteries on your 15-hour air flight.


  1. Ibrahim Rabbani says:

    19 Hours is ALOT but one has to wonder.. (like the guy in the video said) they’re using low-power consuming components.. its likely that they might be more sensitive and might burn down faster.. but its a start i guess.. :P on another note.. the notebook looks like a classic dell model =P the same squarish vibe.. good post!

  2. Gravity says:

    wow… 19 hours is awesome…

  3. Michael says:

    19 hours is a really long time and quite frankly all you really need is 15 hours of battery life. I sleep about 9 hours a night and 15 hours of battery life with my laptop would let me work all day from battery power and then charge it at night time. Amazing.

  4. Ibrahim Rabbani says:

    thats a good way of looking at it Michael but taking certain situations into account 19 hours is good.. especially if theres a crises etc.. or an assignment/project due urgently

  5. Ibrahim Rabbani says:

    i don’t understand you.. they put a different battery in laptops for you? o.O thats sad

  6. Harris says:

    Now all they have to do is make a laptop that won’t crash all the time. Like there current line up.

  7. Steve says:

    I don’t put much faith in Dell’s battery life claims. The Latitude D620’s and D630’s have good life for the first year then the battery takes a dive and lasts about 15 minutes. I work on the laptops and have seen about 90 of the 120 laptops that were bought last year have severely shortened battery life. Most newer laptops have a battery reconditioning mode or option in the BIOS. Dell does not and they don’t cover the batteries after a year on the 3 year warranty.

  8. mike pearlman says:

    who in the world needs 19 hours of battery life i only need like 3 or 4 until i get bored

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      I dont use my laptop on long journeys because of lack of power source. The longer battey life, the better it is for me.

  9. umar yousaf says:

    please any one tel me the model number of dell with 19 hours betery timing i need it very much thankc

  10. Johnny Anderson says:

    I just to ask if they say upto 19 hours. Is it really 19 hours. Like we all have seen in the Pass. Dell or not. The battery life is NOT always what they say it is. I should ask that dell should ask a independant testing company to up this new business laptop to the test. This will provide us with a better time and its under “normal” everday conditions.
    Not the Lab were conditions is prefect.
    I hope you will aggree with this point.
    If Dell could take perfect world from the description off there product and use information of the Real world on there descriptions label’s more customers will be happy as the results they get from there product will be as dell say it is of there product.
    No more Silver Linings Please.
    Other wise i think Dell could proove to all the other “laptop makers” a thing or two.

  11. WAQAS AKBER says:

    all we need just 8 to 10 hrs of battery timing n now 19hrs battery its awsome……… technology going well

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