How to Find High Definition Videos on Youtube

Youtube now enables users to view High Definition videos on its site, wherever the option is available. Its easy to convert most videos to HD by clicking on the new “Watch in HD” links beneath videos.

watch hd videos

Since many videos are still not available with the HD option, but you have a high speed broadband internet connection which lets you stream high quality high definition videos, then where can you find a collection of HD videos?

youtube hd videos

Apparently Youtube has a hidden area where such HD videos are all collected together. Check out the Youtube HD videos collection and enjoy. I counted that there are only 100 HD videos out there, of the millions of videos hosted on Youtube.

However, if I embed an HD video below, the HD link option is not available. If Youtube displays a HD icon on these videos, users might prefer to click through to the youtube site to see the HD video instead of the embedded video.

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