15 Unusual and Strange Computer Mouse

The holiday season is the right time to buy some unusual and strange computer mouse to accessorise your desktops and notebooks and show off some cool computer gear. Here are some unique computer mice to look out for. Buy these Unusual Mice on Amazon  and have fun.

1. HP Bluetooth PC Card Mouse

Slim and thin, this mouse has all benefits of standard optical mouse with added Bluetooth operability and wireless freedom. It can be stored neatly inside the PC card slot of your HP Business Notebook. No batteries to replace as the HP Bluetooth PC Card Mouse charges inside your HP Business Notebook and integrated battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous use battery life!
Bluetooth PC Card Mouse

2. i-rocks Superman Optical Mouse

Ideal gift for Superman fans. It has 800-dpi optical engine for speed and precision, ergonomically designed for most hand sizes, fast-scrolling wheel, USB interface, and sleek design with the Superman commemorative “S” logo
Superman mouse

3. USB Optical Finger Mouse

Finger Mouse offers a new way to use your mouse and is ideal for laptop users. No mouse pad is required, just slide on any surface. Control cursor with the movement of your fingers only. USB interface, Plug-and-Play, no installation needed. Ergonomic and stylish design, reduces wrist strain and tiredness. Adjustable strap for any finger size. Real hardware resolution 1200dpi – perfect for professional designers and gamers. 2-button design with scroll wheel. Digital encoder technology for precise movements. Textile coating cable, super-lightweight.
finger mouse

4. 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator PE

Advanced 6 degrees-of-freedom optical sensor, 2 programmable function keys, and fly through Google Earth and 100+ 3D programs. PE model includes non-commercial use license and online tech support only. Ideal for 3D designers, students, artists and enthusiasts.
Spacenavigator mouse

5. Microsoft Arc Mouse

Truly portable mouse which folds to 60% of its fully expanded size and the micro-transceiver snaps into the bottom of the mouse. Folding motion turns mouse on and off. Laser tracking for precision, 2.4 GHz wireless with up to 30-foot range and Microsoft branding make it attractive.
Microsoft Arc Mouse

6. Kensington SlimBlade Presenter Media Mouse

Features 3-in-1 mouse, presenter and media controller all in one. Unique Scroll Ball provides easy and intuitive 360-degree scrolling. Battery indicator light is green then changes to red as battery level gets low. Multifunction navigation pad included. Mouse goes into sleep mode when your notebook does to prevent power drain.
Presenter media mouse

7. 3M Ergonomic Mouse

Optical Mouse has a unique ergonomic vertical grip that has been clinically proven to reduce muscle strain and discomfort compared to using a traditional mouse. Enhances your comfort by keeping arms and shoulders in a more relaxed, neutral position. Right-Handed use and available in small and large sizes so you can find your perfect fit. 2 year warranty.
Ergonomic mouse

8. Crayola Optical Water Mouse

New optical sensor, water globe effect and compact size for kids. Buy your kid one of these and watch them smile everytime they use it to surf the web.
optical water mouse

9. BMW USB Ergonomic Optical Mouse Mice

When it is connected to the computer, 5 LEDs will turn on (2 headlights, 2 backlights and scroll wheel) which is sure to delight car loves and kids. 3 buttons with scroll wheel with USB interface, and 800 dpi for quick and precise movement.

10. Evoluent VerticalMouse 3

Advanced third generation of the revolutionary mouse from the inventor of the handshake grip. The patented shape supports your hand in a fully upright handshake position that eliminates forearm twisting to relieve wrist and arm pain. A gaming grade infrared sensor with hardware adjustable resolution of 800-2600 dpi instead of an optical sensor with fixed 1200 dpi resolution for superior tracking on more types of surfaces. An optical scroll wheel with detents (clicks) instead of a smooth rolling wheel. A small flange along the bottom edge to prevent the little finger from dragging on the desk.
vertical mouse

11. Gyration Cordless Optical Air Mouse

High performance Gyroscope for in-air mouse control optical sensor with scroll wheel for desktop control. Digital Spread Spectrum, 2.4GHz radio technology 79 frequencies, approximately 700 channels USB dual receiver with 30′ range Rechargeable NiMH battery with desktop charger. Includes GyroTools for multimedia, Internet and input control.
air mouse

12. 3M Optical Mouse with Numeric Keypad

USB plug and play three-button scroll optical mouse mouse with built in numeric keypad. Two devices in one means less peripherals to carry. USB connectivity. 30″ retractable cable. No more searching for number keys on Notebook Computers.
numeric keypad mouse

13. Mousemart Official New York Mets Optical Mouse

USB mouse for Windows PC. Shaped like Baseball Cap with NY Mets’ Emblem.
baseball cap mouse

14. Super Mini Optical Mouse Blue

Now this is a really very small mouse. Use this and work more productively on your laptop avoiding those hard-to-use touch pads or eraser pointers. Atek’s Super Mini Optical Mouse takes the frustration out of mobile computing and puts the productivity back in!
very small mouse

15. SteelSeries Special-Edition World of Warcraft Mouse

Worlds first gaming mouse designed exclusively for World of Warcraft with a total of 15 programmable buttons, 16 million illumination choices with 3 intensity levels.
World of Warcraft Mouse

Disclosure: I have no experience of personally using any of these computer mouse and cannot vouch for their quality, performance, price or features. All information is available on the respective linked gadget pages and can be verified from the sellers.

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