How to Speed Up Nokia Phones with Symbian Mobile OS

How can you speed up your phone using Symbian mobile OS? Have you ever come across “phone out of memory” warning in your Symbian Nokia mobile? Likely your phone is in trouble with unwanted files, errors and hidden background running applications.

Speed up Symbian Nokia Phones

Similar to Windows based personal computers, mobile operating systems also faces slow downs and performance lags due to above mentioned issues. So here we have collected few tips to speed up Nokia phones based on Symbian OS.

1. Install firmware update with care

Nokia periodically releases phone firmware updates which can be used to patch the device in both software and hardware side. But sometimes these are only minor upgrades with some extra software applications. Updates are usually installed to phone memory, which would eventually affect overall device performance by limiting resources for other applications. So read the change log, update size and compare it with your phone memory size before proceeding with new firmware upgrades.

2. Speed up Nokia phone with software

memoryup pro boostSymbian phones also have disk partitions, system registry etc. But these are not accessible to normal users unless they are using file explorer software. Software installations and file transfers create logs files, thumbnail images, registry errors and other junk files in Symbian phones. Memoryup is a software that aids in recovering dispersed RAM in Symbian OS and arranges them to speed up the device. It has both pro and free versions. The free version is also good for minimal recovery from unwanted items.

3. Remove unnecessary applications

Usually we install mobile applications for testing, and later leave them on the phone unused. Periodical checking should be done to remove these unnecessary softwares. Antivirus software is not recommended for Symbian S60 V3 and other latest phone models. Also make sure that you are not installing applications to phone memory.

4. Kill background running and autostart apps

stop process nokia phoneFew applications automatically start with phone boot and they will work in the background while the phone is multitasking. For instance, in Nokia series and music phones, the default music player is an auto start app. Also when we open messages and other programs, we forget to exit them. So altogether they will reduce the memory available to needed applications and results in “phone out of memory warnings”. It’s very simple to kill these unwanted applications. Press firmly on standby button. Open each of them and exit.

5. Use default themes

There are lots of custom Nokia Symbian themes available for download. Though they look better than your default themes, they would affect the total network and application speed of the device.  There is also a chance for malware infections.

Speed of any mobile phone depends on the processor and the installed phone memory. So it’s the discretion of the user to select a suitable phone matching his requirements. These tips would additionally help them to maintain or manage existing memory performance and speed.

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