Buy .Asia Domain Names: Get Free 2GB Mini USB Drive

.Asia domainIn a first of its kind deal, register .Asia domain names and domain owners get a 100% assured free 2GB mini USB drive! Its incredible that DotAsia has found this unique incentive to promote .asia domain name sales.

How to get a free mini USB drive?

asia-usbFirst you register your .Asia domain for 2 years or more, with a participating registrar. There are many participating partners, but we prefer to buy our domain names from GoDaddy.

You will be sent a redemption code by email a week after your domain is registered.  The go to FreeB.Asia and enter your redemption code and .Asia domain name. Confirm your postal address and a  USB memory stick will be sent to you via mail within 6-8 weeks. FreeB USB memory stick promotional offer is valid from July 6 to October 6 2009 or while supplies last.

Who is promoting the offer?

DotAsia is a not-for-profit organization that oversees governance of .Asia domain names and promotes its Internet development and adoption across Asia. DotAsia has come up with this unique deal and it will surely promote .asia domain name sales.

I think this will start a trend where lesser known domain name registries will offer freebies to domain name buyers to promote sales. Who minds extra free gifts with domain names… I don’t.

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