Google Certified Ad Networks to Increase Adsense Earnings

Google is bringing in Google Certified Ad Networks, a new feature which will allow non-Adwords advertisers to compete with Adwords for your Adsense unit, which means the higher paying ad will be displayed, and this means more revenue for Adsense publishers.

This video explains all about the basic concept of Google Certified Ad Networks

All these participating ad networks will be certified for adherence to Google standards for user privacy, ad quality, and speed. Publishers will have an option to opt out of receiving ads from specific networks, or all networks completely.


Either way, just like enabling image ads (which also enables flash ads, video ads), third party ads, and placement targeting increases ad space competition, displaying the highest paying ads, and increasing Adsense earnings – these Google certified ad networks will be a promising additon for Adsense publishers.

Dont go looking for the feature just now – it will be rolled out first to publishers in North America and Europe followed by rest of the world.


  1. says:

    good topic

    but how can i find the best Ad Networks that paid good for cpc

  2. XTC says:

    Well this is ok, but just who are the Google Certified Ads Networks? Where are they, what are their names, etc?

    Neither Google Adsense nor Google Search seems to know… hmmmmm

  3. Alamzeb says:

    I want to make question that kindly show step by step procedure of how to make increase adsense earning on blog,When relevant ads related to the blogs are not displayed.

  4. Tesur says:

    Very good information Thank’s for your information, i try this.

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