Data Recovery Software: A Boon for Computer-based Businesses

If you are looking to recover your important data lost due to some system problem, a data recovery software can be the best alternative as it will never let you lose your important business or other critical e-mails due to some hardware or software problem in the system. A data recovery software is very significant as it aids one in recovering all critical data lost due to virus problems, accidental formats, sabotage, software malfunction, and directory or file deletion.

Key features to Look for in a Data Recovery Software

  • The software must be able to recover RAID, deleted e-mails, camera cards, hard drives and other storage units that you are using on your system. It must facilitate most adequate text search engine of today, implementing the easiest technique of restoring complete files including unknown, lost and deleted files.
  • The recovery software must have the capability to scrutinize entire data stored in a system and create a kind of directory tree that contains all deleted and lost files.
  • It must allow saving data to almost any Windows drives including removable media or network drives.
  • The software must have a support to NTFS encrypted and compressed files along with dynamic volume including mirrored volume, striped volume, spanned volume, simple volume and Raid five volume. It should be able to resume the result of last recuperating quickly. You can use such recuperating software as long as the drive is not physically damaged.
  • A reliable data recuperation software must also support the file systems of NTFS which is used mostly by ‘hard drives’ and FAT 12/16/32 which is commonly used by Smartmedia, Compact Flash, floppy disks, hard disks and memory stick.
  • Irrespective of the problem like corrupted or formatted drives, deleted or lost partitions, the software must ensure fast data recuperating within no time from a number of disk problems.
  • The software should be able to scan and then recover the files that are lost accidentally or deleted and have not been yet overwritten with some new data or text.
  • If you are using simple ‘Microsoft Office’ or other office based software, the recovery software must be able to recover damaged documents and deleted files that still may be present in your personal computer.

By providing numerous fantastic controls, an advanced and functional restoration software makes the overall process of recovering the important e-mails and files quite easy. The only thing you need to be careful about is to buy data recovery software after a thorough market research. Do read recovery software reviews.

From my true experience, I would like to recommend 01Recovery which offers a free Undelete File for try, Undelete Plus which offers a “limited time” freeware run and R-Undelete which offers an R-Undelete Demo mode for you to evaluate how the software recovers lost files before you pay for the license. You can try before you buy from them.

Of course, total freeware is also available and they do work but maybe much less full-functional than the commercial software. You can always try freeware to see if it meets your needs. Here are a few free data recovery products I recommend: DiskDigger, DataRecovery, Recuva and TestDisk.

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