Buy Monopoly City Board Game: Monopoly City Streets Ending

Now you must buy the Monopoly City board game as the popular online game Monopoly City Streets, where you could buy your own street on Google Maps, is ending on December  9, 2009. The game started with a huge response in September and was reset and restarted after several cheating and server issues continued to affect the game play.

monopoly-city game

While thousands of players enjoyed negotiating, buying, selling and building streets –  they can now Buy Monopoly City Edition board game and continue to build industrial complexes, skyscrapers or stadiums and sabotage their friends!

Here is a commercial for the new Monopoly City game

And this video is a hands on view of the Monopoly City board game

I hope you have already tried the 15 best strategy tips for Monopoly City Streets. Enjoy the last few days of the game, then go ahead and Buy Monopoly City Edition board game.


  1. Adem Kale says:

    I really love monopoly game and i won always:)

  2. john o'donnell says:

    please bring monopoly city streets back again thank you

  3. Lance Mathena says:

    Monopoly brings back great memories of my child hood! I play on the pc every now and again, and I have the iPhone app. Bascially i’m just a monopoly addict! Great post though thanks!

  4. Monopoly Download Game says:

    It was a good online game! I’ve got addicted to Monopoly again as well!

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