Happy Pallindrome Day 01022010

Today is 1st February which is 01022010 and its Happy Pallindrome Day again for the second time this year. It basically means the same number can be read back and forth in the same way.

Various countries have different date formats, due to which Palindrome day has visited us twice this year already for the same 01022010 as 2nd January was also written the same in a different format of MM-DD-YYYY. For 1st February it was written as DD-MM-YYYY.

Aziz Inan, a professor at the University of Portland says that last time Palindrome Day happened was in October 2, 2001 or 10-02-2001 and before that was August 31, 1380 or 08-31-1380, that is 620 years ago! The next palindrome date is on November 2, 2011 or 11-02-2011.

Rocketboom has earlier caught another Palindrome day on  01-11-10 in DD-MM-YY format which means we can have 2 more Palindrome days on 11th January and 1st November in 2010 also.

Happy Pallindrome Day!

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