6 Best Android Apps to Save Money

Android apps can save money! When you’re at your wit’s end trying to manage your finances, let your Android phone help you out. You want to track how much money you have coming in and what you spend. Balancing the two seems like a simple task, but sometimes it’s more complicated.

android appsTo help add to your savings balance, you can use Android finance apps that will watch your accounts, track your income from Google Adsense, and save you money when there is something you need to buy.

1 – Track What You Spend With the Loot App

The Loot app helps you to keep track of the money you have and logs everything you spend. It’s a fairly simple app, and it keeps an electronic record of your checkbook on your Android, to avoid double-checking the old paper checks. Your Android does not link directly to your bank, so security and privacy are covered. You can name accounts that you like, and the screen layout is easy to follow. Enter your initial balance, and log any bills paid and purchases made. In this way, you can keep track of your actual account balance.

2 – My Coupons App Helps You to Save Money with Coupons

There are lots of other places your money disappears to on a daily basis. When you shop, buy food or eat out, you can save money by using coupons, and the My Coupons app for Android has got you covered. You’ll see new coupon lists on your Android phone every day. You can even share them – tweet them along or post them on Facebook. You can also search for deals specific to your locality, using your Android’s GPS or through a simple search. With the right app, you can even scan in a product’s bar code to see if there is an available coupon you can use.

3 – Check Prices on eBay with Pocket Auctions

The best way to cut down on your spending is to find the lowest prices on items you need. Pocket Auctions is an eBay app that allows you to buy and sell on eBay, or search for specific models or items. And the barcode scanner is handy here, too. Scan an item in a retail establishment and see if eBay has any auctions underway for that item! You can search for completed auctions on Android, too. This is very handy if you are at a sale or auction and see something you think might sell for more money on eBay. Now you’ll know for sure.

4 – Pay the Lowest Price with Shop Savvy

Another Android app for shopping is ShopSavvy. You can use this app to check on a product price even while you’re in line buying something, to see if anyone else has the item cheaper. You can use the camera to scan the bar code, and then ShopSavvy will look offline and online for the best price.

5 – Manage Your Finances with the Personal Budget Droid

The economy is still in a state of decline, so everyone who knows what’s best is keeping close track of what they spend. The Personal Budget Droid tracks budgets and bills, by creating a monthly budget for your various expenses. You can title each budget expense type, and the app will keep track of your transactions and the remaining amount for every category.

6 – FireWallet App Charts Your Spending

The Firewallet app protects your information while it works with your budgets in different accounts. It’s not as simple to navigate, but it also includes more options. Charts and graphs will help you to picture your spending accurately.

All these apps will make tracking your expenses easier.

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