10 Surefire Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

How can you increase Twitter followers quickly and thousands of more twitter followers everyday and increase your Twitter influence. Social media and especially Twitter has changed the way you can spread the message. Thousands of Twitter followers can spread your viral message in no time, and keep on spreading for months, if properly promoted. There are several ways to do this…

1. Get Twitter Verified with Blue Tick

This is the easiest way if you are a celebrity or a well known personality in your niche –  apply to get verified and once the word spreads it is indeed the real you (and not some fake Twitter account resembling your profile), people will flock to follow every word you say. E.g. most Bollywood celebrities on Twitter are verified and when Dalai Lama got a verified account just a month back,  he gathered nearly 200,000 Twitter followers!

Twitter verified user

2. Twitter Follower Exchange

If you follow 1000 Twitter users today, how many do you think will follow back – 60%, maybe 40%, or maybe even lesser at 20% you say. If you agree to that, it means if you start to follow 1000 new people, at least 200 will follow you back –  and if you keep on doing that on a consistent basis you can have thousands of Twitter followers for free! I was surprised when Obama followed me back on Twitter, but later realized there are many Twitter autofollow tools out there which can do this automatically. And of course just there are Twitter Follow back lists which you can tap effectively.

3. Get Suggested by Twitter

Earlier if you can managed to get on the Twitter suggested users list by hook or crook, you would never have to look for twitter followers ever again. You will gain twitter followers at the rate of thousands per day! Now how to get into the Twitter Suggested is a well kept secret.  Over time now the suggested list is  more user targeted and less influential than before, but you know how Britney Spears gained 200,000 followers in 1  month!

4. Become Charitable

Would you follow me if I tweeted I will donate $1 to Red Cross for every new Twitter follower gained over the next week? Probably you thought it was a gimmick and would not trust me to actually donate the money. But if a tech guru or respected organization put forth the deal, you would not mind following one more person –  and this would lead to a huge jump easily. Tim Ferris did this and got 5000 followers in 3 days!

5. Share Exclusive Deals

This one is useful for corporates who want to reveal secret coupon codes, promo codes or exclusive discounts – only on Twitter. If I told you $200 off Dell coupons were available on an official Dell Twitter channel  @DellHomeOffers –  I am sure you would follow it to get the amazing deal. Its useful information.

Dell Deals

6. Attract Twitter users

If a wore a cool Twitter T-shirt boldly displaying my Twitter ID – would you follow me? You might not, but they would surely remember you if you wear Twitter stockings to your friends party. Find unique Twitter marketing ideas for your Twitter ID and attract Twitter followers

7. Get on Popular Lists

If you somehow got your name listed in  the Times 50 most popular Twitter celebrities, don’t be surprised to get a few thousand twitter followers overnight. There are many popular Twitter lists out there in different niches, try to get on them and become famous.

8. Offer Gifts

If I say I will give one $200 Amazon gift certificate to a random new Twitter follower who joins me over the  next week – how many new new Twitter followers will fall for that?  I am sure a few thousand will come easily. As I said you would not mind following one more person. Of course you have to be genuine and give out the gift too. And people forget to unsubscribe!

9. Buy Twitter Followers

This is the easiest way out if you don’t want to do anything. Money can buy everything and even Twitter followers are up for sale. Many Twitter marketing services will sell you Twitter followers for a reasonable price. But remember this is now violates Twitter terms of service. Remember its always a good idea to project your actual number of followers. Falsely increasing Twitter follower counts in an inactive less popular account will make actual followers go away. So beware.

10. Buy Twitter accounts

Here is a way some people use to make money online. If you are starting a new profile, simply buy a Twitter account with thousands of followers. Some people sell their Twitter accounts when they grab a few thousand followers, and if you keep doing this repeatedly, a good income is expected. [But remember this might violate Twitter terms of service]. Still what makes this real easy is that Twitter allows you to easily change the profile username in one click, so you don’t have to stick with the seller account name, and no one ever knows.

You say give me one reason to have more followers? If you have a 100,000 Twitter followers, advertisers will target you and you can easily make a living online by sponsored tweets like Kim Kardashian earns $10,000 per tweet! I am sure these Twitter tips will help you gain Twitter followers easily. Read more Twitter articles and follow us on Twitter to keep getting such tips.


  1. BlitzSurfer says:

    Great list… I recommend following people with similar hobbies or blog niches. They will follow you back!

  2. Purushyottam says:

    Good list, but I must say I have some reservations about point#8 and 9: the practice of offering an incentive in exchange of following on Twitter does not always help get loyal followers; you would inevitably get more people who would follow you just for getting the gift and may unfollow you later on or not read or respond to any of your tweets. Good list by the way. :)

  3. Garen says:

    With gifts make sure you are giving away something people actually desire. Giving away useless gift won’t attract people. Give away an Mac Air!

  4. Jason says:

    another good tip would be to fill out your bio since that could be the 1st thing potential followers see and books are often judged by their covers.

    Keep in mind that brevity is the soul of wit and you dont have to use all 140 characters.

    yours sincerely
    Jason (@JsnKck)

  5. James says:

    Thanks for the tips. Interested to know how the buying of followers works??? My fear would be that none of those purchased are genuine.

  6. Syed Taha says:

    Those are nice little tips which can really get a thousand followers. Just remember to rinse and keep repeating.

  7. Stacia Bowers says:

    Nice advice, I think it is important to tweet interesting things to add value to your followers rather then just pure buy my stuff type marketing

  8. Shani says:

    So you basicaly say I get more twitter followers if Im a celebrity or rich. Helpfull, thanks;)

  9. rangerweezy says:

    Wow, seriously?
    Just be cool. Don’t buy followers.

  10. Lavall Chichester says:

    Good list.Now a days getting verified is next to impossible unless you are a celeb. I found three great tools to help you get free twitter followers if anyone is interested. They are all free. Again great post.

  11. Avi Sheridan says:

    Number 9 sounds like the easiest way to get more twitter followers, but the price is high. I used a service called getnewfans and they delivered on time and it helped my twitter campaign kick in! my only advice, prepare a social media campaign (a contest).

  12. kawashimakudo says:

    LOL at Nos. 6, 9 & 10, I’ll never do that :) haha

  13. imttheone says:

    who will buy twitter followers?? lol,,,even if your desperate enough

  14. Kiza says:

    Follow & Hope Some Follow Back. Do this wrong and Twitter will suspend your account. People typically try to make lists of follow backers, or their followers, and follow those folks.

  15. James McAllister says:

    I don’t really understand the point of buying Twitter followers. How many of them are actually real people? How many of them would actually care about the content you put out? A very small percentage, over all it’d be a huge waste of money in my opinion.

    • P. Chandra says:

      Actually its more for showing off. Its a race between celebrities and top websites to show who is more popular.

  16. Jaladhar says:

    Thank you for sharing nice list to get more twitter followers. in this tough time for online marketing, needs more twitter follower to boost sales and your tips will be more helpful to get more followers.

  17. SSA says:

    I have only just started really getting into twitter to make connections and share a bit about the work that I do. Not easy at the moment but working on it.

  18. SSA says:

    I am working on getting myself out there and get as many followers as possible but it is not that easy. Just because I follow many people doesn’t mean they are going to follow me.

  19. JAGADEESH says:

    Thanks for the valuable post twitter is the most powerful medium for getting lots of traffic.

  20. Loganathan says:

    I just started using Flipboard and I love it. It not only is great for content curation, you can in fact share your articles there too. This gives you an additional place to share your content to your fans.

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