Apple iPad Restaurant Menus: The New Way to Order Food [Video]

Have you been served the restaurant menu on an Apple iPad? Global Mundo Tapas in the North Sydney Rydges Hotel has become the first restaurant to start this trend and surprise its customers were serving menus on brand-new Apple iPads

Of all the unique uses, the Apple iPad  has found a new use as restaurant menus, and excited customers and foodies are more than happy to play with the Apple iPad gadget and order food wirelessly to the kitchen in a futuristic way.

iPad Restaurant Menus

Reports indicate that Global Mundo Tapas in the North Sydney Rydges Hotel In Australia has replaced all their printed menus and created a custom-made application which allows customers to browse their menu, see detailed images, pricing structure, wine suggestions, cooking preferences and tasting notes. Now customers would be able to easily review their order, finalise and compile their order, and not wait for a restaurant server to come and take their order – As they would themselves be able to wirelessly order to the kitchen.

The trend seems to be catching on as another restaurant in Sri Lanka wants to switch to the iPad menu and invites Apple developers to create a menu app for their restaurant menu.

I won’t be surprised if restaurant owners worldwide start switching their food menus to the Apple iPad. Its the futuristic way to order food.

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