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Now 4K videos (4096 x 3072 resolution) can also be hosted on YouTube, enabling YouTube support for original video resolution from 360p all the way up to 4096p! YouTube has provided the ability to host 1080p HD videos for sometime, but this takes it to the next level.

They say the ideal screen size for a 4K video is 25 feet (even IMAX movies are projected through two 2k resolution projectors). YouTube has compiled a playlist of 4K videos and you can play them in 4K resolution, the highest quality of video available.

But remember first you need to switch to the “Original” resolution.

youtube video resolution

Since the video has a huge file size, it will play slow even on a high speed broadband internet connections. But bloggers can choose the lower resolutions for faster loading. For example the video below is a 4K video, but is embedded in 360p resolution for faster loading. If you click on this video, you go to the YouTube page > change the resolution to “Original” and you can see the 4K experience.

youtube 4k videos

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