How to Get a Reddit Gold Account Trophy

There are Reddit users, and then there are Reddit Gold Account users sporting Reddit Gold trophy on their profiles. How can you get a Reddit Gold Account for free?

Reddit Gold trophyReddit is a top social networking and bookmarking service serving over 280 million pageviews per month, and is powered by only 4 engineers. They seek help of the Reddit community to donate money to help hire more engineers for a better Reddit experience. Though Reddit is owned by Conde Nast, a billion-dollar corporation, they “usually allocate resources proportionate to revenue”, and it seems Reddit has got less revenue generation now. But they hope to raise some revenue by promoting Reddit Gold accounts.

How to get  Reddit Gold Account Trophy? Send some dollars to Reddit by PayPal and upgrade to a Reddit Gold Account instantly. Reddit will post a Reddit Gold trophy on your userpage and send you a thank-you note. See what the Gold trophy looks like above.

How to get free Reddit Gold Account? Send Reddit a postcard! They might use to decorate their office, but will send you a Reddit Gold trophy by the side!

Are you a Reddit Gold account holder? Post your Reddit profile url here.

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