Youtube Instant: Fastest Way to Watch Youtube Videos

How fast can you find and watch Youtube Videos. Well Youtube Instant promises to be the fastest way you can view Youtube videos as soon as you type the keywords.

youtube instant videos

Youtube Instant is the creation of Feross Aboukhadijeh, a computer science student at Stanford University, who bet with his roommate (after the launch of Google Instant) and built a real-time YouTube search in 3 hours!

Such was the buzz that YouTube CEO Chad Hurley asked offered Feross a job …over Twitter! Either way, Youtube Instant is now viral and Ferros is the latest web celebrity.

Since it is powered by the Youtube API and Youtube suggestions, you don’t have any interaction with the Youtube video like pause, forward, embed etc, – buy you can click the Youtube button and go directly to the Youtube  page of the video. Works in a jiffy –  a perfect time waster. Definitely the fastest way to watch Youtube videos.

Maybe he will land up with a Google job or pick up some paid Youtube projects.


  1. Host Monsterz says:

    looks good to me. I will surely try youtube instant. it will save my time

  2. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Its a fun way to waste time.

  3. Harsh Agrawal says:

    This is the third instant web tool post I’m reading today in your blog and must say this is also creative and works without any issue.. The only one which I didn’t find accurate is Image instant search..!!

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Everything is getting instant today. I had 2 more instant tools, but stopped as it would have been a super instant front page.

  4. asd says:

    now a Facebook application on YouTube Instant :
    YTInstant FB app

  5. Mac says:

    I have created another Youtube Instant Web Client, you can find it at: .With more features then the one on the current youtube instant site, you get all the default youtube controls of ( play, pause, full screen, resolution changer, volume control etc.) and shows the top 20 search results, It also has a checkbox to allow the video to play instantly or not. It uses some of the newer technologies so works best in Firefox like browsers but it should work on IE as well.

  6. zeeshan says:

    I have heard first time of youtube instant. amazing

  7. sarkari naukri says:

    Good to heard. thanks for sharing.

  8. Mdu DateSheet says:

    Yes very true. youtube instant searching is really amazing and super fast.

  9. TiVi Mania says:

    I have heard first time of youtube instant. amazing :) thank for share :)

  10. Saliya Nikhil says:

    Youtube instant The first time when i read on your Blog.
    Great Article to inform us about this thing.

  11. sheshnath says:

    Looking great, will give a try to it surely .

  12. AbhiM says:

    nicely written. many thanks for sharing this

  13. raj says:

    It is very good tips. I used this after reading this article.Thanks for sharing this article.

  14. Trivedi Jay says:

    Hey nice tip to watch youtube videos. I will try this from today..

    Well I need some help from you if you got free time then reply me here or on my email id.

  15. david says:

    Well i think is late, okay let me give a try

  16. pankaj kamariya says:

    Yes I have used this tool…and really its more fast then youtube site.
    I will surely prefer this over youtube always.

  17. Meghshyam says:

    Very powerful article, thanks for sharing with us!

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