Hey Bloggers! Lets Thank Google

I am inviting all bloggers to thank Google this season for all the amazing tools and services which make blogging fun and profitable. Add your Thank You Google Post in the comments below.

1. Google Adsense –  This google advertising service is the main income source of millions of blogs and websites. It is the service which makes blogging a profitable venture even for new bloggers who have difficulty with traffic and CPM ads. It is by far the best contextual advertising service out there and consistently delivers high money making value. Adsense is the major income source of this blog also. And if you get big enough, they do send you Google branded USB memory cards and digital picture frames sometimes.

2. Google Adwords – this service allows all bloggers to reach the farthest end of the web with their target keywords and a few dollars. It is by far the best deal to advertise your blog to your target audiences. We use it many time to get more readers and visitors for a few cents! You can grab free Adword promo codes easily, and they too sometimes send gifts like Google mini fridges.

Google Doodle

3. Google Site Search – the best way to integrate site search into your blog. Its better and more targeted than WordPress search and powered with Adsense for Search, it is an additional source of income too. See the search box live on top right of our site.

4. Google Apps – this is the best way to power up your domain and attach branded tools to your site like your own domain email. Its free and is a must have tool to give your domain the branding it needs. Our  email address like name @ quickonlinetips.com is google apps powered gmail only. Get it today to take your site to the next level.

5. Google Related Links – we were invited to use this new labs tool and we find it the fastest loading and most accurate related links tool, which made us replace related link wordpress plugins also. It has helped us deliver more pageviews due to the excellent related links they provide.

6. Google Webmaster Tools – this is the most important webmaster tool for any site owner. With deep insights into how Google sees your site and ranks it, it is a must monitor tool. Get accurate insights into what errors, links, etc are causing crawl errors and how you can improve them.

7. Google Blogger – For all those bloggers on blogger.com, this is a lifeline for your blogging needs. Even we started this blog initially on blogspot and then migrated to WordPress. Blogger has gone better over the years and now boasts of the best uptime among all bllogging services.

Google thanks us and now its our turn. So join hands with us and post a “Thank you Google” post today on your blog.

Post a link to your article in the comment below so our next article can link to the nice things you said. How has Google changed your life?


  1. Simon Dodd says:

    I love google!

    All the tools they provide us with are amazing, everything from gmail through to the webmaster tools and everything in between! I don’t think I would be where I am today without all of the Google tools I use on a daily basis!

    Thank you Google

    and thanks for this post ;)


  2. 509 Media says:

    I use many of the Google Apps on a daily basis. It amazes me at the number of “free” services that make day to day business easier. I know someone out there is paying for it through ads, but still the average user has a number of free services to choose from.


  3. Bilal Ahmad says:

    I Love You Google. You are the great.

    I am totally dependent on google and google is helping me in my business. Thanks a lot Google.

  4. Sahil @iBlognet says:

    Thanks a lot Google…!

  5. Shailendra @ ApniTally says:

    Every tool provided by Google is amazing. Almost all bloggers are using one or another tools. I thank you for proving us a chance to Thanks Google.

    Fhanks Google !!

  6. amz says:

    Thank you Google, especially AdWords because I’m a writer so it helped me a lot on my keyword research and article writing!

    Happy new year!

  7. Nic Bee says:

    How better life had been because of google! Google Chrome, Google AdWords, BLOGGER!!! Wow! I could have missed so much without you! Thanks G!

  8. Me says:

    Thanks Google for all of your services
    free email, search engine etc, privacy. keep
    up the great work.

  9. Me says:

    And have a great Newyear!

    • Piyush says:

      I don’t think any one other than spammers will hate google :D

      Today is the time, when even when we have to check if the sentence is correct or wrong, we google it.
      To check the correct spelling of someone’s name, we google it.
      To check anything and everything, we google it.

      And i feel sad for those who don’t know still that other than search engine, google is much more helpful to us.
      I just love Google the way it is :)

      • Sam says:

        I am always pleased to say thanks to Google who always helps me for helping me to create and keep my online presence.

  10. Ravi says:

    Yeah! google has changed the our online life totally, without google this world may be a little different, I thank google for whatever it has done for us.
    Thank you very much !!!!

  11. Aditya says:

    Currently everyone depends on google. it has been helping people since more than 15 years. A very thanks to google !!!

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