Free Latest Hindi Bollywood Movies Online at Yahoo! Movieplex

Yahoo! Movies India has a new featured Movieplex which is playing latest Hindi Bollywood movies online for free! The collection is limited right now to a few latest movies, like Aakrosh, Rann, Rock On etc, but look out for more free full length movies.

As I browse around in an attempt to share and embed the video like Youtube, it seems it is not possible to embed the videos. Also note there seems to be no HD view option, though full screen video viewing is possible.

yahoo hindi movies

You could always watch many popular bollywood movies online on Youtube, then the Youtube Box Office launched with latest blockbuster Hindi movies, and have a much bigger collection too. Now lets see how Yahoo! Movies plans to raise the popularity of its Movieplex in India. Yahoo! pages are filled with ads pointing to the Movieplex. Either way, its a win win situation for the Indian movies fan, as they get to enjoy the best of Indian cinema online for free.


  1. holiday inn deals says:

    Who knows even here the srk-karan johar could start promoting their movie.

  2. mlm list says:

    In india counterpart there are so many yahoo counterpart available.

  3. Keshav Bhat says:

    Cannot watch either Yahoo or Google movies in US

  4. Sajjad Bhatti says:

    But I couldn’t watch full movies only trailers

  5. Sajjad Bhatti says:

    I Like Hindi Movies and Bollywood Wallpapers

  6. Sandeep Singh says:

    Yahoo needs to do something different to become what it wants to. Youtube is already offering better content than them .

  7. Rachel says:

    Multiplex is the best option to watch out hollywood and bollywood movies, we won’t get that great effect in normal TV or online.

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