How to Display 100 Google Search Results on One Page

Tired of scrolling Google search results, then display 100 Google search results on one page. After the default implementation of Google instant search results, Google automatically displays 10 search results as soon as you type anything in the Google search box.

Though the Google instant search works very well in fast Internet connections, Google only displays instant search results if it detects that the Internet connection and computer are fast enough. This is clearly depicted in the Google search settings.

google instant results

100 Google Search Results

google 100 Sometimes it is a good idea to display a large number of results on a single page, particularly if you dislike the Google search navigation across multiple pages.

But if you want to display 100 Google search results on every page, Google settings actually let you do this. I am not sure when they implemented this and many of you have seen this, but for other readers have not, lets give this a try.

First you need to turn off Google instant results. Click on the Gear Icon on the top right of the Google Search screen, which leads to the Google search settings > Google Instant Predictions > Never show instant results.

100 Google results

Now you will see the option of Results per page below. After you turn off Google instant, the slider will become active, and you can push it all the way to 100 results. Remember to click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Now refresh Google search, get used to typing the full keywords in the Google search box and clicking the search button, to display 100 Google search results on every page.

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