My Cool Mobile Phone Charging Station [Photos]

A cool combination of mobile phone holder and cable wrap forms my mobile charging station – a combination of 2 smart and simple gadgets which makes it easier to charge mobile phones easily, without cable clutter and need to find a table to place your phone.

See how my Samsung Ace Smartphone is getting charged in my room. Cool!

mobile charging station

Mobile Phone Holder

This Mobile Holder made by Driinn helps to simply provide a way to hang your mobile phone beneath any plug point. Pass the charger through the opening in the stand, and you are ready to have a small stand to place your mobile phone. No searching for a table or stand besides your plug point and charger to support your phone for charging.

Cord Wrap

This Cord Wrap made by Bobino is a simple gadget which serves as a useful cable organizer to coil the excess wire of the mobile phone charger around it and works beautifully in combination with your mobile holder. It is available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large (we used the small size). The actual purpose of the larger cable wraps is to manage the laptop cables easily.

mobile holder and  cord wrap

I bought both these cool gadgets at the Crossword bookshop in Delhi and cost under Rs 100 each (which is less than US$2) and I find them incredibly useful. But if you want to buy them at Amazon online, then buy small Bobino Cord Wrap for $5.10 and Driinn Mobile Phone Holder is selling for $5.72.

How do you charge your mobile phone? Can you make this better? Share your picture in comments.

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