Meet the Google Street View Trekker

Have you seen the Google Street View Trekker? Its a powerful camera tool in backpack that can snap 360 degree imagery and map any terrain where a man can go. The new Google trekker shows promise to map many areas across the world which were difficult to map before.

We love Google Street view maps, which are activated by dropping the Pegman over any Street on Google maps, and visualise the street as if you were standing there yourself. This helps you orient and visualise for yourself many areas across the world which would never be able to see otherwise.

Google Street View Trekker

Check out this Google person wearing the Street view Trekker, which photographs imagery to map any area where the man can go.

google street trekker

While Google Street view maps were previously created by Google Street view cars (and self driving cars!), Google snow mobiles or Google trikes, this new method of mapping Google Street view enables them to map any area where a man can reach by foot. Google just finished mapping the Grand Canyon using these trekkers.

If you would not like your family or house to be indexed on Google Street view, learn how to remove your face, house, car from Google Street View.

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