Top 50 Most Visited US Sites List

ComScore released the list of the 50 most visited sites in the US as part of its report on monthly analysis of U.S. web properties activity. ComScore is the leader in estimating World Wide Web traffic to top websites and releases monthly reports on the most visited websites across the world.

The 50 most visited US sites list (PDF download) is available from their website and it shows the following top websites.

top websites in US

It comes as no surprise that Google and it’s related web properties are the most visited websites in the US. Facebook holds an enviable fourth most visited position, even more than sites like Amazon, Apple and eBay, and far far above Twitter and LinkedIn. MySpace still seems to be holding in the top 50 list (the new MySpace might make it promising), while the surprise new entry is Pinterest, which shows the growing popularity and traffic of this new social media service.

I hope you have already seen the Google’s 1000 most-visited sites on the web. Which website you expected to feature on this list and it’s not there?

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