How to Get Google AdSense Premier Account

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Have you seen Google Adsense premier ads? They are those flexible custom Google Adsense premium ads with special large sizes,  custom  fonts, custom colors, and a whole new content placement of text and links targeted for higher CTR. So how do you get an Adsense Premier Account?

We blogged in 2005 that Google Adsense Premium Accounts offered special benefits (like customized revenue terms, flexible ad formats, special code tags etc.) and then the eligibility criteria was more than 5 million search queries or 20 million content page views a month.

Google AdSense Premier Ads

See screenshot below and can you believe those are around 10 text links in 1 ad unit along the text. Won’t that click well. Thats Adsense Premium for you as seen on ezinearticles.

adsense premier ads

So what has changed now? I was reading What levels of support does AdSense offer? and found the official word on the Adsense Premier account.

Who is eligible for Adsense Premier Account?

Only highest-earning Adsense publishers may be eligible for dedicated account management through AdSense premier level service. Many of the publishers in this program are within the top 1% of Adsense earners, are among the largest 100 sites in their market, and include large brand names with content that generates highly competitive advertiser demand.

What are selection criteria for Adsense Premium Account?

Criteria for the program include, but aren’t limited to, high site quality, high traffic levels, and compliance with program policies. They also consider a number of factors beyond traffic and earnings, so you cannot predict or guarantee eligibility based on these criteria alone.

Can you apply for Adsense Premier Account?

Eligible publishers will be contacted by an AdSense representative with more information on their own. So as of now, while we all wish to get a Premier account, Adsense is monitoring your account, and if you grow big in terms of brand value, traffic or advertiser demand, wait for the Adsense premier invitation in your email.

See more articles about Adsense. Do you have a Adsense premier account? Share some insights in comments.

37 comments on “How to Get Google AdSense Premier Account

  1. Harsh Agrawal says:

    So in simple words: There is no specified rule for Adsense premier account and one has to wait for long before they qualify for this….
    And do you mean adsense team will contact you if your account is qualified for Adsense P account or you have to send them an Email for the same??

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      It seems they will contact you when the time is right.

    • Sajjad says:

      Please avoid from fake google adsense account.I am a certified google adsense and google adword member of GOOGLE inc. If you need 100% genuine Google adsense account in very cheap cost.
      just contact +923219506573

      • Mr. Smaic says:

        Mr.Sajid what you have prove that your a certified member of google? and why you make a fool ? Adsense is a Free Google Program not paid. how you can charge for adsense account ? i think you dont know this is not valid and google can take action on you. i know v. well about Pakistan Country Consultant. he is one in the whole Pakistan. stop scam. dont make fool all peoples.

  2. Mahendra says:

    Interesting, informative but useless for publisher like me.

    Can never satisfy this eligibility criteria !
    Yet, first time come to know about Premier Adsense Account.

  3. Web Niche Consult says:

    Well, that is for websites with PR9 like ezinearticles, hubpages and the likes.

    Good to know anyway.

  4. Shiva Chettri says:

    I think it would be great to have a Premier Account but it seems their eligibility criteria is too difficult to fulfill.

  5. Julian says:

    are some blogger have it too?
    or it is only for big webmaster/company with brand name?

  6. fizero says:

    To get google adsense premier account all we need is just big earning, big traffic and big brand name, huh.. when it’s be me ?

  7. Vandana says:

    this is good information, din’t really notice something like that before. Thanx!

  8. Sourish says:

    awesome , i was always wondering what kind of ads are those . But they get only text formatting of their choice and no. of links …

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      And flexible ad sizes to whatever you want. A dedicated account manager maybe… :-)

  9. Swamykant says:

    Thanks for this information. Are you planning to choose Adsense Premier Account?

  10. Sunil says:

    i wish i could get adsense premier account….
    need to work hard for it….

    very hard

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