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amazon s3 backup

How to Backup Websites on Amazon S3

It is always a good idea to backup your website on a location other than your server, and Amazon S3 is a useful storage option safely hosted by the powerful Amazon servers. The last tutorial explained how to backup websites on your…

backup server

How to Backup Websites on Your Hosting Server Easily

How do you backup all your websites on your hosting server? Chances are that you are relying on your hosting provider to backup your site, and probably even have no idea if your site is properly backed up. Complete site…

webpagetest results

4 Best Web Page Speed Tests to Make Your Site Faster

Want to make your site faster?, Use these best tools to measure site speed and page loading times online, to help you identify slow pages and understand strategies to increase Page speed and improve site loading times. Superfast websites are…

csf lfd results

3 Essential Server Security Software You Must Use

Always keep your server secure by using these essential server security software installed on your hosting server. While we have been on a managed VPS Hosting for quite some time, after our server got hacked,  I realized that there was an urgent need…

customize bootstrap

5 Tricks to Load Bootstrap Themes Faster

How can you make Bootstrap themes load faster? Thousands of websites use Bootstrap for developing a great mobile first website easily and is an essential web design element. Bootstrap scripts and CSS are easily installed on your server, or loaded via…

Custom WordPress login

How to Change WordPress Login Page Logo & Background

Did you know you change the WordPress login screen logo and background easily. Just as you have a custom WordPress theme and a unique site design, why should you not have a custom WP login page as well. By default,…

dropbox screenshots

Fastest Way to Take Screenshots with Dropbox

What is the fastest way to take screenshots and save to Dropbox storage? Well I used to take the long way of press Print Screen key, then paste screenshot into my favorite image editor Irfan View,  and then save image into…

mobile friendly site

Did Your Site Pass the Google Mobile-Friendly Test?

Have you checked your site on the official Google Mobile-Friendly Test to see how your site appears on mobile devices and meets mobile design standards. There is no doubt that your website has to be mobile friendly and Google has…

410 404 error

How to Setup HTTP 410 Error Pages with .htaccess

How can you setup 410 Gone Error pages using .htaccess file? 410 error is a HTTP server respnse to signify that the particular webpage is gone forever, is permanently removed from the website, and is never going to come back. It is unlike…

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