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Google search filtered

Lock Google Safe Search to Protect Children Online

Did you know that you can lock Google safe search, to protect your children online from searching adult content, and getting surprised by unexpected sexual search results. If your children use the same computer and browser that you do,  then…

Facebook account deleted

Facebook Can Delete Children Accounts Under 13 Years Age

Did you know Facebook can suspend and delete Facebook accounts of children under 13 years age! Did you create Facebook accounts for your children to let them interact with your family and play Facebook games, then beware that Facebook terms…

Emma Watson dangerous celebrity

Emma Watson Most Dangerous Celebrity to Search Online

McAfee has revealed that Emma Watson is the most dangerous celebrity to search online for. McAfee Security compiles the list of most dangerous celebrities every year by assessing the chances that online celebrity searchers have for a landing on websites…

stop image theft

How to Stop Image Hotlinking by RSS Content Scrapers

How can you stop image hotlinking by RSS content scraping websites which republished your full text content with images. Image hotlinking is a big problem for Webmasters because these images on the scrapers website actually drain bandwidth from your hosting…

text activation

Link Mobile Phone for Better Twitter Password Security

Do you know how to increase  Twitter password security? I was getting multiple emails about password reset request which I had never done. Then I realized how easy it is to let anyone keep troubling you by sending password reset…

block logins

Activate Instant Login Access Alerts for High Server Security

Do you know when unauthorised users login to access your server? Do you disable email alerts from your Webhosting server just because the repeated emails keep cluttering your email inbox? While most managed hosting providers offer to disable server e-mails,…

hide php version

How to Hide PHP Version in Site HTTP Headers

You must hide PHP version of your server in site headers for better site security. It is essential that you keep your PHP version updated on your server as newer versions help to fix security bugs, besides getting new features….

computer malware

A Malware Threat Most People Are Unaware Of

There is one malware threat that most people are not aware of and sadly, they get trapped by this threat. Easy access to the Internet enables some irresponsible people to spread malicious programs. And day after day, people are more…

check server signature

Turn Off Server Signature for Better Server Security

Do you turn off server signature for better site security? Just like you turned off the visibility of your WordPress version, why do you want hackers to know about your server signature which clearly displays your private server details like…

Norton antivirus 2013

Free Download: Norton Antivirus, Internet Security 2013

Want free antivirus? Now you can download Norton Antivirus 2013 free as well as Norton Internet Security 2013 for free as Symantec has released the beta version of these security software for free trial for public use – to find…

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