Daily Blog Posting : Add a New Thingy

Have you see several popular blogs create a daily links post with several popular links they like, properly formatted with tags and all… it all about adding a new thingy!

Firstly you need a account of course. Then move to ‘Settings’ and Under the title Experimental you will find a link to “Daily Blog Posting” which lead you to a screen with several parameters. I could not find a suitable FAQ for figuring how it worked, so I went looking

Common Craft describes “a way to bookmark a web site using and have that bookmark (along with others from that day) automatically show up on your Movable Type blog, once every 24 hours. The blog posts looks like this.” They describe in a detailed tutorial of how you can use this Daily Blog Posting tool to create daily link posts using these thingy’s. All parameters are outlined with steps to start bookmarking and having the bookmarks show up on your blog. In another post A VC shows how to set up Delicious Daily Links on typepad. Try it.