GoDaddy CashParking: Earn Money from Parked Domain Names

Use GoDaddy CashParking to earn money from Parked Domain Names. If you like collecting parked domain names and keep them parked with a notice like “this website is coming soon” – why not earn extra money from monetizing your parked domains names., a leading domain name registrar has launched CashParking – an online domain monetization system that easily lets you earn money from your existing domain portfolio. Each time someone clicks through advertising on your parked pages, you share in the revenue.

godaddy cash parking

How does it work?
You pick the CashParking revenue share tier that fits your budget, add your domains to your CashParking portfolio (unlimited domains names can be added), forward traffic to name servers or to change your name servers to the parkweb. They show ads on your domain’s parked page and you earn money quickly as per the revenue share you purchased.

Depending on your CashParking plan (Basic $4-5 per month Premium $10-12 per month), you will receive 60%-80% of the generated revenue. You do not have to register your domain names with to take advantage of CashParking. Domestic customers will receive payment monthly, while International customers will receive payment quarterly.

Did you know you can also use Google Adsense for Parked Domain Names!


  1. George Lewis says:

    I had over 100 domains parked with goadaddy for 6 months and made a TOTAL of 5 CENTS!!!

  2. Taras says:

    I also got bad experience with godaddy, they have charged my credit card without my permission :( will move all of my domains to

  3. SEO Essen says:

    Thanks folks…I was considering parking some domains but now I think I will throw up 7 dollar sites! :o)

  4. pcwolrd says:


    If youhave many questions with godaddy, you can go to namecheap and link your adsense for domain withthem. Park and earn!

    thanks for giving us this gold bar!

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