John Chow and Darren Rowse Chat via Adsense CPM Ads

You know how big bloggers are. Probloggers always do something different that shows the path for other bloggers to follow. You can spot top bloggers John Chow and Darren Rowse communicating via Google Adsense Ads on their respective blogs!

I told you how much John Chow loves Quick Online Tips by targeting “I love Quick Online Tips” CPM ads on my blog. Apparently John Chow loved problogger Darren Rowse too and displayed this ad on his site.

Darren Rowse - John Chow

After months of seeing such ads on his blog, Darren Rowse decided to reply with this on John Chow’s blog
Darren Rowse - John Chow

John Chow acknowledged that he and Darren were AdSense IMing¬†each other with Google Ads. So he decided to reply with new ads on Problogger…

Darren Rowse - John Chow

I wonder what will Darren’s next witty answer be!

This trick works via Google Adsense site targeted CPM ads. It is simple (and not too expensive) to target any site and and pay Google Adwords a fee per 1000 impressions and you get to fill the whole ad unit. Want to show us some love too…

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