28 Free Online File Format Conversion Tools

The following file conversion sites allow you to convert files formats of the most common and frequently used file formats. They support almost all kinds of file formats with regard to audio, video, document, and image.

Multiple File Format Conversion

File convert

1) Zamzar.com– Performs online file conversion in a fast and easy manner. No need for registration and it sends the converted files to your email inbox.

2) Media-Convert – This website includes online file conversion along with a variety of options. Provides local file conversion, conversion from URL, file hosting, website screenshot and sending the converted file to mobile. It also provides a host of advanced settings while converting files.

3) Youconvertit – Allows you to convert all kinds of media files including archives. It allows you to choose more than one input file at a time for conversion.

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Video File Format Conversion

4) Vixy – This website contains an online FLV converter. It allows you to convert a flash video or an FLV file to MPEG4 (AVI/MOV/MP4/MP3/3GP) file online. This application is open source.

5) Converttube –  It allows you to directly download videos from the internet to a mobile, PC, iPod or PSP. It also provides various options for the output format of the file.

6) Vidtomp3– This online tool allows you to convert video, music video, Mega Video, MySpace Video, Google Video or YouTube video into mp3 format for your mp3 player or mobile phones.

7) Cellsea– An online video converter tool to convert video files in the required format.

8) Media Converter– A web-based video conversion utility that supports the conversion of files even from YouTube. This tool facilitates uploading a media file directly from web portals.

9) Movavi– This online video converter tool helps to convert multiple files. The maximum file size it allows is 100 MB. This tool has a special option ofmerging all the video files into a large movie.

Image File Format Conversion

10) Converticon– The online application allows you to convert ICO, PNG, GIF, and JPEG formats to a better quality PNG or ICO file. The interface is simple and easy to use.

11) Vector Magic– This website converts bitmap images to clean vector art, using auto-tracing software. It allows you to save time and get your images ready to cut, embroider or print.

12) ConvertICO – This tool facilitates the conversion of ICO files to PNG files and PNG files to ICO files. You can upload files either by specifying a URL or by browsing a file that is on your PC.

13) Image Converter- This online tool converts one image format into another image format. Some of the image formats which it supports for conversion are bmp, dib, epi, eps, gif, jpc, jpeg, pcd, pcx, pdb, pgm, pict, png, tga and so on.

14) Image Optimizer– This online tool not only helps us to convert image files from one format to another but also helps us to optimize images to load quickly. The maximum limit for file size is 300 KB.

PDF File Conversion Tools

15) Expresspdf– This website provides online tools for exclusively converting Web pages, Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Excel documents to PDF documents.

16) Pdfonline– This website provides a variety of online tools to work with PDF files exclusively. Merging two PDF files, Doc file to PDF, PDF to Word, Web to PDF and PDF service for iPhone are some of the tools provided here.

17) Pdftoword– This online tool helps us convert PDF documents to DOC or RTF files accurately. It also allows us to re-use the PDF content in Excel, Open Office, Microsoft Word, and Word Perfect. This conversion tool tries to maintain the formatting and image fidelity of the page to the maximum extent.

18) Htm2pdf– This online tool facilitates you to convert HTML files to PDF files in just one click. There are two options for conversion, one of them is the conversion of web pages and the other one is converting raw HTML code.

19) Docupub- This online converter allows you to create PDF documents or image documents from the most commonly and frequently used file formats. The upload limit per file is 1 MB.

20) Freepdfconvert– This online and interactive PDF converter and document creator is quick and reliable. Converts web pages, graphic images, MS-Office, Open Office, Vector graphics file formats and other file formats to PDF.

21) Kinati to PDF converter – The PDF converter here allows conversions for all kinds of users, from an executive professional to a student. Allows uploading a document up-to 15 MB.

22) Lettos– This is an online conversion tool used to convert files from DOC, XLS, and PPT to PDF format.

23) Pdf-O-Matic– A simple, fast and reliable tool to convert Web pages into PDF documents. It creates a PDF document within seconds, once you specify a URL inside the provided field on the website.

24) PDF4u- This site provides an online service to convert Word, PowerPoint, and Postscript documents to PDF. The conversion is done in three easy steps. The file size should be 30K or less to avail of the free service.

25) Primo Online – Online service that provides a super-fast way of converting documents and images to PDF files. Supports conversion of more than 300 file formats.

26) PS to PDF ConverterConverts a Post-script compatible file to a PDF-compatible file. This application is suitable for light and moderate users.

27) RSS2PDF Converter– This online tool allows us to convert a web page or online RSS into a PDF document.

28) Text2Pdf– Converts any given text into a Portable Document Format(PDF) file. It contains a large text area to copy the text. This tool is based on Sanface software.

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