7 Best Applications for PC Remote Access

Many applications allow you to share desktop and remotely access your computer. Using these applications you can control your computer from anywhere via the web. These applications work well over the system firewall enabling you to control your computer securely. Remote access applications are very useful to share files and hardware. You can even control your computer from your mobile using some of these applications.

If you hold all your business files, presentations, photos and music files in your computer and you are staying away from home – You do not have to carry your computer with you, just install any of these applications and you are sure to see the things that are present on your computer as if you are sitting right in front of your computer. Here are some of the coolest remote access applications that allow you to do just what you want.

Best Remote PC Access Software

Pc remote access1. GoToMyPc– This is one of the popular remote access applications. It automatically configures itself to your computer and you can access your computer from anywhere in the world with a computer running on Windows, Linux or even Macintosh, you can also control your computer with a Windows enabled mobile device giving you the freedom of access and control. Data transfer between the computers is encrypted with AES using 128-bit keys and password protection giving you maximum security.

You can even use hardware like printers and other hardware devices to print documents. To share files and folders between systems, just drag and drop the files or folders across the screen to share them.

2. LogMeIn– You can try this application if you are looking for a free remote access application to control your computer or remote desktop viewing. Using this application, you can access your computer from virtually any browser or from any wireless devices that can access internet. LogMeIn free version does not support file sharing and hardware sharing or remote printing but LogMeIn Pro does support all these functions.

Using this application you can organize a mini meeting with group of friends, business meetings or office meetings on the net. You can listen to the songs saved on your computer and synchronize clipboard with the remote computer. It has the feature to chat between connected computers. You can even reboot or reconnect your computer, and it works even in the safe mode. All the data is encrypted for maximum security and detects any intrusion via SSL/TSL. Works on Windows and Macintosh systems.

3. TeamViewer – This is another application for remote accessing your computer. This application allows you to control any computer through web – all you have to do is run the application on both the systems. You can use this application togive business presentations to your partners or customers. By drag and drop, you can easily transfer files between computers. This application will work just fine with any kind of firewall and you need not make any changes like port forwarding. Security is no longer an issue using this application, since all the data is encrypted and has standard SSL. From the web, you can access a remote computer with ease.

4. PCnow – If you are looking for a remote control application and online backup service then pcnow is for you. This application works on any Windows and Mac systems and you can also remote access computers through web from Windows and Mac systems and even from your mobile. You can also invite a friend to assist you with the computer or to share your desktop remotely. Now you can control your hardware’s like web cams and printers using this application so that you can see what is happening at your home or print documents remotely. High security features like SSL, TSL and data encryption are available. It supports file transfer and sync computers. You can also listen to music on your local PC from the remote computer. Update: Now discontinued.

5. Radmin– This application is completely compatible with Windows Vista. It has high-level security using 2048-bit key size. Your data is securely transferred between the computers giving hackers no chance. It works at high speeds, it automatically adjusts with change in the internet speeds. It supports text and voice chat so you can stay in touch with the people on your network. Just drag and drop files to transfer files between computers. Using this application, you can have multiple connections at a time and control remote computers in real time.

6. Anyplace Control – This utility gives you the freedom of controlling any computer from virtually anywhere in the world with a computer that has internet access. You can view the desktop of the remote computer on the local computer using this application. It’s very easy to use and install. Supports file transfer by drag and drop method and you can even print documents using printer on the remote computer. It works even on the systems running on a dynamic IP address. Using this application, you can even turn on a remote computer using Wake-On-LAN technology.

7. Remote Computer Access– This software allows you to access and control your computer from any other computer that is connected to the web or you can control computer on local network. This application supports multiple connections at a time and you can access remote computers in real time.

You can also set different work modes like view only, which allows users only to view the contents on the computer. It has a high-level security. You can even shutdown remote computer or reboot and even log off remote computer from any local computer. This application works through the firewalls and gives you a high resolution view with detailed color.

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