Top 10 Apple iPad FAQ

So the Apple tablet is here and its called the Apple iPad. Here are some most common questions and FAQ about the Apple iPad which would update readers about the common specs and features of the Apple iPad.

Apple iPad

Apple iPad FAQ

1. What are the common uses of the Apple iPad?
Web browsing, reading and sending email, view photos, watch videos, listen to music, play games, read e-books.

2. What is the maximum resolution fo the iPad Screen?
The 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen has a 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi).

3. What is the Apple iPad battery life?
Apple iPad battery will last upto 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music.

4. How do sync my computer with Apple iPad?
iPad syncs with iTunes just like the iPhone and iPod touch, and you can sync all of your contacts, photos, music, movies, TV shows, applications easily from your Mac or PC. You can download itunes for free.

5. What is the processor inside the Apple iPad?
The Apple iPad is powered by A4, Apple’s next-generation system-on-a-chip. Its is custom made for exceptional processor speed and graphics performance, while sustainig a longer battery life.

6. Can I snap photos with the Apple iPad camera?
The Apple iPad has no camera (although it has a Take Photo option!). But you cannot take photos using iPad as of now. Here are 8 features iPad lacks and more missing features of Apple iPad.

7. What is the Apple iPad Price?
The Apple iPad is available in 2 variants, a Wi-Fi model and a Wi-Fi + 3G model, and here is the US pricing information. International pricing not yet announced.

Wi-Fi iPad price
16GB $499
32GB $599
64GB $699

Wi-Fi + 3G iPad price
16GB $629
32GB $729
64GB $829

8. Can I connect iPad to a keyboard?
They have a nifty ipad accessory called the iPad keyboard dock which combines a dock for charging your iPad with a full-size keyboard.
ipad keyboard dock

9. Can I read Kindle books on Apple iPad?
Amazon already has an Kindle for iPhone App at the Apple App store and it will soon be supporting iPad too. So you will be able to read Kindle books on iPad. Here are 10 reasons why Apple iPad is better than Amazon Kindle.

10. How can I develop iPad Apps?
You can join the iPhone Developer Program and download iPhone SDK 3.2 beta that contains all the tools you need to start developing and optimizing iPhone OS applications for iPad.

11. When can I buy Apple iPad?
The Wi-Fi + 3G models of iPad will be available in April in the US and selected countries through the online Apple Store, Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers. You can sign up on iPad notify list and get notified by email when the Apple iPad starts selling.


  1. Paco Ojeda says:

    I’m sure I’m not the only one out there wondering if the new keyboard/dock will be backward-compatible with the iPod Touch and the iPhone…

  2. Phil Schinbein says:

    here’s another random question that my mother thought that seemed quite brilliant….

    Will the Apple iBooks bookstore charge for public domain books?

  3. vivek says:

    I do not know what Apple is thinking but it seems they decided to take a fancy iPod Touch device, enlarge it and call it iPad. On the face of it, I think the only difference is that for iPad you need a bag and for iPod Touch your pocket will do.

    • Uncle Ersatz says:

      While I am very much looking forward to playing with the iPad, I really, really like your comment! (still chuckling . . .) :-)

  4. Chris Peterson says:

    With outstanding design and advanced technology. One major plus point is getting in reasonable price.

  5. Apple iPad says:

    Also, note that all iPhone apps will work on the iPad. The only downside of this is that the images won’t scale (so you are left with an iphone size image in the middle of your large iPad…)

  6. Fleeting says:

    Steve Job’s new iTablet will soon evolve after the pumped up launch during it’s unveiling. The touch screen and Mac’s potential to fix hardware will definitly to make the iTablet a monster in the time ahead.

  7. Fergal says:

    Apple’s stellar computer will soon grow after this initial pumped up period during it’s launch. The lack of keyboard and Job’s potential to fix defections will definitly to make the product a monster in the futuire.

  8. mason says:

    Ok. Here is one thing people dont think about. The best use for the Ipad will be the size and the ease of internet use. Im writing this on my 17″ macbook pro. It can be very uncomfortable to work on this in my lap. Of course there are other tablets out there,and a couple that i know of being worked on now,but apple is going at a different approach. I believe once people get to see and use this in person it will be a hit. The iphone technology is still today untouched. It is easy,friendly and fun. The Ipad will be the same way. Apple is the only company that is releasing gadgets that are futuristic. People need to step back and look at what it can do vs what it cant do. I know for a fact that the ipad will benefit me at home and work. And the price, very reasonable. Bank on this. The Ipad will be a winner. It may not be for everyone,but it will change computers in a huge way. Apple keep up the good work

  9. Pat H says:

    I have been looking at Kindle because I want a reader. IPad is obviously far superior. Problem is, I live in an area where AT&T has little to no service. Does this leave iPad dead in the water or can it still function as a reader?

    • Paul H says:


      you wont need to have at&t to make the Ipad work, it will be very similar to the ipod touch. It will work on any wireless network and if you have a 3g enabled ipad and a at&t service contract you can surf the web anywhere on the 3g network.

      As long as you have a wifi network in your home, you are golden!

  10. Alex C. says:

    Well I heard that you have to pay a monthly subscription if you wanted the 3G with it. That makes all this slightly less cool.

  11. Dennis B. says:

    I synced my iPad, but now all it does is go through my pictures 1 by 1. Nothing else shows up on the screen and I can’t get to do anything else. ????????

  12. AdityaReddy says:

    nice post!!! and ipad Rules…

  13. Brian says:

    I purchased a 3G WiFi 32GB iPad and when I tried to insert an (Australian) SIM it doesn’t fit. I purchased the iPad from the Sydney Australia store.

    If I cant insert a SIM how can I use it WiFi?

  14. calvin says:

    Brin you cant put any card into it

  15. a people with a question says:

    why my ipad cannot on after charging? please give me a quick reply. tks.

  16. Kiran Ch says:

    Hi, Can i watch two videos at a time on a iPad particularly in Landscape mode?

  17. Dr C B says:

    Frequently I deliver technical lectures which generally require often requires editing in Power point. Whether Ipads are pre-loaded MS Office products so that it will be handy besides other features. Whether it is possible load other application softwares. Pl update me.

  18. apple ipad 3 reviews 2012 says:

    made next week’s rumored iPad 3 event official right now. Next Wednesday, March 7, at 12:00PM CST, Apple will host the party with the Yerba

  19. says:

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    Any way keep up wrinting.

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