Does the Internet Know I Exist?

The business blogs exist to promote, sell and introduce products and services to the public for a profit. If the public does not know that your blog exists, and believe me the internet is HUGE, you can get unnoticed so simple. So, getting visitors to come to your blog and make enough purchases for your business to survive will almost always fail without some additional help.

To survive you need to advertise. Advertising is an important factor in business because it gets the word out about your blog and establishes a presence about what you are offering.

One of the best ways to advertise is by word of mouth, also known as referral marketing or referral advertising. When other people hear good things about your business or they have a positive experience with your business, they become walking billboards for your business without you having to spend additional money on ads to create it. There are a lot of advertising-companies on the internet offering their services for you to use. Nothing is stopping you to have several advertising campaigns running.

However, apart from the ‘standard’ advertising campaigns, you have to start thinking out of the box. If you want to get your ‘name’ known it is a must, start thinking outside the box, for the simple reason; not only you are trying to establish a name.

Have you ever considered sponsoring? A sponsorship doesn’t have to cost much, you can have a Do Follow link on a frontpage with a PR4 blog for 5 dollars per month, or a single donation of 3 dollars.

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Also consider other methods of advertising, think of press-releases. The power of a press release can be enormous, if your press release is noticed and re-printed by other online/offline media … you have free exposure all over the world. I will share a little technique here, if you issue a press release that explains about a research ‘your company’ has done, you stand a better chance to see it all over. A lot of marketing agencies are using this trick/technique, instead of issuing a standard press-release about a new computer that has been made. They release ‘research findings’

For example: ‘The R&D department of Company X’ examined what type of hormones are released when people are exposed to new gadgets. One hundred test subjects revealed that the emotional etc etc etc …

Releasing ‘a study’ can have a better ROI than anything else, except word of mouth.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords, do you know that you can have a campaign running for 1 cent per click. That is a 1000 visitors for 10 dollars, and yes you can start with 10 dollars. In term of marketing budgets in the real business world, 10 dollars is a no brainer. If it fits the purpose, and for starters that purpose should be to attract visitors. You want to get your name out there, and people coming inside. Bounce rate on my campaign was less than 40% … I don’t sell anything on my website, all I am after is traffic … so 1 cent per visitor fits my needs perfectly.

I tested Adword campaign a few weeks ago for the first time and just for a single day. In a single day of trying using some low-cost keywords, my ad was shown 49327 times, how many people actually noticed my ad is impossible to tell. From those 49327 impressions, two (2) people actually clicked on my ad, costing 2 cents .. In my mind I was thinking; that’s another 2 visitors that are aware that my site exists. And if I look at it from an even more positive perspective, 49327 impressions, that to me means, a portion of those 49327 people saw my Hot Blog or Campaign running ;-) .

The general idea about all of the above is, if you start a business you need to advertise and it does not have to cost much. You have to invest, if you run an internet operation alone you should consider a budget of 100 dollars per month to start with. If your blog will start bringing in revenue you can consider having a marketing budget of 10% of the revenue.

Backlinks and sponsorships

Everyone needs backlinks, a good place to start looking is – there is a lot of linking business going on there. I have been on that forum for a while now, and tested a few things myself.

Sometime ago I read on a blog that people are selling sponsor links on links on WordPress themes. I never even noticed that on Digitalpoint, but of course I was very interested. I tried out two different methods; I bought a sponsor link for 100 dollars (high premium WordPress theme) and one for 15 dollars, good looking theme suitable for a lot of different blog businesses.

Both themes are downloaded a few hundred times, and I guess the majority of people install the themes and also delete them again, I think they do because I have seen just two or three back links from sponsoring themes, and don’t forget most of them have 0 page rankings. It is a good idea though, but don’t spend more than 8 – 15 dollars. In my humble opinion, you will have much better results with sponsoring a link on a PR4-5 blog for 5 – 10 dollars per month.


Of course backlinking is important, but even in this arena you have to consider what is worthy and what not. I have paid for a service to have my website submitted to 600 directories. They did their business well because soon after I paid for their service I was busy for a day cleaning my inbox with clicking on “… to submit your site to our directory, you have to validate your email by clicking here …”

This has been almost two months ago now, meanwhile I stopped checking with Google if my link is shown in any of the directories my website is submitted to. Simply because there I can count the links in those directories on Google in one hand, anyway … every SEO dude will tell you that this is absolutely needed, so I do it … the service only costs 6 dollars.

My main backlinking part is still done with commenting on blogs, and posting an article on voting boards, like mine …

There are three things every starter has to keep in mind;

  1. Have a budget for marketing purposes
  2. Don’t be afraid to try out new things
  3. Never stop creating backlinks!

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