Apple Store Campers Queue to Buy Apple iPads

Apple iPad Camper lines are here. Whenever a new Apple product is released, hundreds queue up outside Apple stores to buy them first before they are sold out on day 1 itself. This year as the Apple iPad releases on April 3, 2010, the lines have already started.

Greg Packer is camping outside Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in New York to be the first person to buy the iPad this year. Incidentally he was also the first person to queue up for the iPhone a few years ago.

Check out this video, he is not leaving his first place in the queue.

With Apple iPad preorders shipping 12 April, if you want to get your hands on an iPad by tomorrow, your best bet is to buy it from the Apple Store and be the first in line.

Here is a video about what an iPad can do.

Here is an iPad unboxing video for a reviewer iPad.

The Apple iPad lines are starting… when will you join the queue.

Update: Robert Scoble also seems to be an avid Apple gadget camper and was spotted first in line at another Apple store. Apparently he waited 33 hours in line to get the first iPhone few years back.

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