Play PAC-MAN on First Playable Google Doodle

Google is celebrating PAC-MAN’s 30th birthday, and you can play PAC-MAN on right now as Google’s first-ever playable Google doodle.

play pacman on  google

Play PAC-MAN on

PAC-MAN game is live on for the next 48 hours. The Lucky button on is replaced by an “Insert Coin” button which can get you started. Or just wait for a few seconds, and the PAC-MAN game will autostart.

If you throw in another coin, Ms. PAC-MAN joins the party and you can play together with someone else (PAC-MAN is controlled with arrow keys or by clicking on the maze, Ms. PAC-MAN using the WASD keys).

RustyBrick has provided the source code to embed PAC-MAN game on your blogs.

Update: Now Google has made the game permanently available at


  1. Muhammad Azhar says:

    yes thats 30th birthday of pac man

  2. Prabhu Ram says:

    I enjoyed playing the game. It was really fun.

  3. Ms Pacman says:

    This was one of my favorite doodles for all time!

  4. ankita says:

    I download it but it is working…

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