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dot com disclosures book

Download Dot Com Disclosures: FTC Digital Advertising Guide

You can now download  dot com Disclosures, the latest version of the FTC guidelines on disclosures in digital advertising. The revised new edition new edition primarily adds suggested updates to the growing online advertising on mobile smartphones and social media marketing…

invalid adsense clicks

Google Adsense Offers Help for Invalid Click Activity Accounts

Google Adsense get more supportive for accounts with invalid click activity and promises more options to help Adsense publishers before disabling Adsense accounts. Its possible that next time Google detects suspicious clicks on your Adsense account, they might consider suspending…

300x600 ad

New Google Adsense Large Skyscraper 300×600 Half Page Ads

Google AdSense launched the much awaited large skyscraper 300×600 half page ad units for all Google AdSense publishers. These Google AdSense advertisements are so large in size that they are called half page ads. On popular news media sites you…

ad placement

Force Highest CTR AdSense Unit to Load First

Does your first AdSense unit have the highest CTR? Which is the first AdSense unit loading in your HTML code? Always remember that the highest paying ads load with the first AdSense loading on the page. Which basically means, if…

Amazing Ra.One Movie Animation on YouTube [Video]

Ra.One Movie is doing an amazing animation promotion on the RaOne YouTube channel. Find actor Shahrukh Khan performing various acts interacting on the YouTube page. See the video below to see how well they have played with the YouTube page for…

Google Adsense Enlarges First Ad for More Clicks

Google Adsense is enlarging text of the first ad in all ad unit sizes to increase visibility to get more clicks. This test is visible as we browse around websites, most Adsense ads show the first ad text slightly enlarged….

Google Adsense Tests Link Hover Background Colors

Google Adsense is testing change in link background colors on mouse hover over the links. This new ad unit variation definitely helps to highlight the ads. Normally Adsense publishers can choose to decide the background of their ads. We have…

How to Perform A/B Testing of Adsense Ads for Higher CTR

A/B testing is the best way to determine which Google Adsense format will get the highest CTR and help you make money online. Most webmasters and bloggers try standard configurations and limit their site’s earning potential. So how to perform…

Spotted Google Adsense Twitter Ad Units

I was browsing around when I spotted these new Google Adsense Twitter Ad units. The Adsense units were clearly targeted to promote the Twitter account, with autorefreshing latest tweets and a clear call to action to follow the Twitter user….

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