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5 Best Free jQuery CDN’s

Which is the most popular and best jQuery CDN to load jQuery free? jQuery is possibly the most common script which powers million of websites and allows sites to create amazing effects and engage users with interactive experiences. It is…

cdn speeds

Fastest CDN for Loading jQuery, Bootstrap

Do you use the fastest CDN for loading scripts like jQuery, Bootstrap on your site. Both these scripts power  thousands of sites, and most site owners use the power of free third party popular CDNs to host these scripts, without…

adsense matched content

Use Adsense Matched Content for Related Posts

Did you know you can use Adsense Matched content to show related posts on your blog. Related posts and article suggestions are used by most sites to increase pageviews as users click to related articles they might like. Now Adsense…

amazon ses reports

Lessons from First Amazon SES Email Campaign

Well we sent out the first Amazon SES email campaign to all our nearly 11,000 email subscribers and lets see what the campaign reports indicate. This follows after we moved all our email lists subscribers from Feedburner / Feedblitz to…

amazon ses

Moving Feedburner/Feedblitz Email Subscribers to Amazon SES

We are moving all our email subscribers on Google Feedburner and Feedblitz email subscriptions to Amazon SES. This was long overdue and we promise our email subscribers an awesome experience going forward. We have finally found a email delivery service…

sharp logo

How to Dispay Sharper Logo on High Resolution Screens

Does your logo look blur and pixelated on iPad retina display screen? Why does the logo of your favorite top blog look sharper? Here is the secret to display sharper logos on high resolution screens. Sharper Logo I took an…

add editor styles

How to Add Custom CSS Styles to WordPress Post Editor

You can add editor styles and change the WordPress Post Editor look with Custom CSS styles and create a pleasant writing experience which suits your eyes and makes you enjoy writing more than ever. I have been using white text…

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