Google Adsense Offers Personal Optimization Support

Problogger reports that if you’re an Adsense publisher you might notice a message like the following one on your Reports page after the next time you log in.

“Learn how to improve the performance of your Google ads with our new optimization tips page! To be considered for personalized optimization tips, email us at [email protected] with ‘Optimization Request’ in the subject line.”

It looks like they are starting to roll out a system of giving advice for not only the top ‘premium’ publishers but the rest of us too. I havent seen such a message yet on my panel till now.

Google Adsense is already very user friendly and probably the highest paying contextual text advertising program. Now this personal touch is always welcome as it will help publishers get better CTR by professional help in ad placement. Is all this because Yahoo! is entering the contextual advertising market?

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