Bloggeropoly: Business Blogger Recruiting Agency

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Bloggeropoly claims to be the world’s first and only professional blogger recruiting agency. They match qualified, highly-skilled bloggers with companies needing such services. For their services, the company pays Bloggeropoly a finder’s fee amounting to 25% of what will be paid paid to the blogger during the first-year. (This is in keeping with standard recruiting industry policy.)

If, within the first 90 days, the new hire does not work out, they will find a replacement at no cost to the company. Why Bloggeropoly? It is formed from Blogger and Monopoly. “We like to think we have a monopoly on the best professional bloggers in the industry.” they say.

Following the official announcement, many bloggers are lining up. Are you interested?

Update: Bloggeropoly  seems to have shut down now. Now times have changed and there are many such blogger recruiting agencies online. Hiring writers and bloggers to push new blog content in popular blogs has become routine now. Frequently published content needs writers, and freelance bloggers are bubbling with content which they need to publish. Find blogging jobs.

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