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Admoolah points to the fact that possibly “Google has quietly added an official “AdSense Help” Google Group.

AdSense Help is a Google group community in which you can search or browse for answers, ask questions and share Google AdSense tips. The group charter says –

We hope this forum will become an important part of the AdSense community, and provide another outlet for you to search for answers, ask questions about AdSense, find tips to optimize your account, and make good use of your own AdSense expertise to assist others.

While this forum is intended as a place for AdSense users to assist one another, from time to time a Google representative, nicknamed AdSensePro, will post tips and clarifications. AdSensePro is the only Google representative that posts to the Group.

This should provide Adsense publishers a good forum to discuss their queries regarding optimal adsense usage and help them make extra money quickly. Look out for user AdSensePro!

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One comment on “Adsense Help Google Group

  1. Nilesh says:

    this is nilesh from india.
    since last 4 months I am struggling to generate amount from adsense.
    Can i get your support to improve the
    adsense income

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