Design Your Own Customized Feedburner Headline Animator

You might have seen the standard FeedBurner Headline Animator widget on websites, email signatures, forums postings etc. It grabs your feedburner feed and displays the latest 5 posts from your blog one by one in an animated manner. Recently they has introduced the Email Signature Animator (and we found out how to add it to gmail too).

Now they allow you to customize the Headline Animator in many ways you like. Go to the Feedburner control panel and select “Design your own” animator. You can provide any background image url, pick your colors and fonts and then drag and drop stuff anywhere on your background image. I really like the Headline Animator concept and I am sure you will see many new customized buttons appearing on blogs, forum and email signatures soon.

Warning: When you change your Headline Animator, you change the way it looks everywhere it’s currently being displayed. So be careful when you change the size.

2 comments on “Design Your Own Customized Feedburner Headline Animator

  1. siong1987 says:

    This feature is really useful. I also added it in my signature in hotmail.

  2. Shallyd says:

    very informative post . Looking forward to more of such

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