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Google in collaboration with Samsung has launched a new series of chromebooks and the new Chromebox, the desktop version of the ultrafast chromebooks. Google Chromebooks are the Google laptops which run based on cloud computing, always stay updated, and keep your files synced and available for online and off-line use whenever you are. This takes full advantage of the newly launched Google Drive.

Google Chromebook

The new Google Chromebooks boast of computing speeds three times faster than the first generation chromebooks, and now support hardware accelerated graphics, multitouch trackpad and open source firmware. Did you know that these Google laptops start up in less than seven seconds and offer the capability to resume instantly. The software updates automatically, and you never need to be worried about updates and security fixes. Watch some chromebook videos to learn about more features.

chromebook chromebox

They are now powered by a new user-friendly interface, easily launch hundreds of apps in full-screen mode, and perform Power computing with the multiple windows.  Using Chrome Remote Desktop Beta, you can  securely connect your PC or Mac from your Chromebook or Chromebox. Google cloud print lets you access printers and print without cables. To protect your computer from malware and viruses, these Google netbooks come loaded with inbuilt virus protection and multiple security systems like sandboxing, data encryption and verified boot.

Google Chromebox

The new Google Chromebox is a challenge to the Apple Mac mini. It is a compact device which can be connected to multiple monitors, a wireless keyboard and mouse, and can work as a fully functional computer linked to the cloud. It is powered by an Intel core processor, 4GB RAM, built-in 6 USB ports, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DVI and display port output, can link up to two 30’’ monitors and is HD compatible.

google chromebox

Do you need more reasons to buy Google Chromebook? You can try out the new chromebook or chromebox at the new chrome zone experience centres coming up in the US. You can buy Google Chromebooks right now from, starting at $349, or you can Buy Google Chromebox for $329 only.

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