The Best Way to Gift Amazon Kindle

What is the best way to Gift Amazon Kindle? Don’t just buy it and present it to your friend. Instead it is a great idea to ship directly from since there are several options which make the deal better that way.

The usual way is that you order an Amazon Kindle, get it delivered to your shipping address and then gift warp it to present it. However, note that Amazon customizes the Kindle with your Amazon login details and account.

Gift Kindle

amazon giftThere are many advantages if you choose to gift Amazon Kindle directly by shipping from Amazon.

1. Custom Kindle Account –  This gives the user to register the Kindle with their own Amazon account, so they don’t get to see it registered with your own name when they first start it. Now that would not be a great gift would if it welcomes you instead of your friend whom you gifted the Kindle. This is a very important consideration when you gift Kindle.

2. Unmarked Packing – Remember when I bought my Kindle and showed you the Kindle unboxing pictures, Kindle ships in its own branded Kindle labelled box. So if you really want to keep it a surprise, it is not a good idea as your friend gets to see the Amazon Kindle branding the moment they see it and it’s not a surprise any more. The gift option will not display Kindle branding on the box and the surprise will last longer till they really open the box.

3. Remove Pricing –  Shipping Kindle as a gift option allows you to remove the pricing from the order details. This is good if you do not want to reveal the Kindle price you paid and is definitely better gifting etiquette.

Kindle Gift Cards

If you don’t wish to directly ship Kindle from Amazon, you can also surprise with a whole range of Amazon Kindle Gift Cards, which can be redeemed by email, on Facebook etc. This can let them buy Kindle, or buy e-books, magazine subscriptions to top up their Amazon Kindle content.

You can also send Amazon Gift Cards with Kindle Product suggestions and the exact amount get filled in automatically, so they have to just redeem the coupon code to get the product shipped quickly. This gives the recipient an option to purchase something else if they already have a Kindle, or decide to club gift cards to buy something different.

kindle product suggestion

Amazon Kindle is the bestselling E-reader which has broken sales records and is the best gift option for most people. It is clearly the best way to read ebooks without glare even in bright sunshine and a much cheaper option than tablets. Gift Kindle today and Amazon promises free one-day shipping. You can also pair it with some best reading lights.

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