Cool MyBlogLog Tools You Missed


MyBlogLog Communities and its widgets have been buzzing around on many blogs and have created a popular social network of bloggers. SoloSEO has created some amazing tools that they think were missing from MyBlogLog, and are very useful to play around your community. Some nice MyBlogLog Tools I like that will help you find more targeted members –

  • Compare Your Contacts – See other contacts your friends and fellow blog readers have that you share and that you don’t have added yet.
  • Compare Community Members – Compare your MyBlogLog Community members with another community
  • Common Communities between Contacts – See what communities your contacts share.
  • Add Missing Contacts – See who in your community have not been added as a contact yet.

Join the Quick Online Tips Community and check out our members. I have been pondering about getting a MyBlogLog Branded Community.


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