1000 Free New Digg Invites Going Fast

We have 1000 free new Digg invites for giveaway to our readers. The new Digg is opening its doors soon and this your chance to get a free Digg invite right now.

I’d like to invite all my readers to join me on the new Digg! Click the link below with the free access code to get early access to the Digg alpha site:

As you are aware, Digg has closed new registrations, and New Digg registrations are invite only. The new Digg promises a new way to interact with your followers and friends and autosubmit your feeds. This video will show you what is new in the New Digg Alpha.

Use this access code to grab your free new Digg invite now

One comment on “1000 Free New Digg Invites Going Fast

  1. RoManTICRocKSOnG says:

    It is a very good website Digg.

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