The Great Flickr Tools Collection

Looking for Flickr Tools, hacks and services for a powerful photo sharing experience? Flickr is a revolution in photo storage, sharing and organization , making image management an easy, natural and collaborative process. Get comments, notes, and tags on your photos, post to any blog, share and chat live and more! Flickr claims to be the best online image management and photo sharing application.

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You can start uploading your photos (like jpeg, jpg, gif, png etc.) on Flickr easily via the web or use uploading tools for Mac and Windows to make it easy to upload a batch of hi res photos all at once. You can send your photos into Flickr with a special upload by email address. When you upload photos by email, use the subject line to give your photo a title, and the body of the email to give it a description. If you use a recent Nokia mobile phone, you can post your photos to Flickr via Lifeblog after getting your password.

flickr logoIf your are a Flickr newbie, read How to get the most out of Flickr. [Did you know which is the most popular camera on Flickr?] You can now choose to license the photos you upload to Flickr under a Creative Commons license. Developers interested in adding to this toolset might want to visit the FlickrIdeas forum or investigate the public Flickr API. The Flickr API is now available for non-commercial use by outside developers. Flickr forums are available to every Flickr member as a place to ask questions, suggest features or report a bug.

Note: Some of the unlinked tools are possibly discontinued and are retained for archival purposes.

Official Flickr Tools

  • Flickr Uploadr -Download an installer (.exe) that allows you to publish a batch of photos into Flickr directly from your computer. Just drag and drop in your photos and add some tags.
  • Flickr photo search – search by titles, tags and descriptions
  • Flickr Organizr – powerful tool to create sets which help you organize and display your photos.

Third Party Flickr Tools

  1. Flump New– simple application that allows your to download all of the public photos for a specific Flickr account.
  2. Compfight – uses Flickr’s API to search the database of photos and then feeds back the results as live clickable thumbnails.
  3. Phlogre – is Photo Organizer for local photos and flickr photos. Meant to replace the official Flickr Uploadr.
  4. Girls of Flickr – Browse around for sexy photos on Flickr babes and Flickr girls
  5. Flishr – is a primer application to Download, Upload and Search photos from one central command console on your PC.
  6. PicMarkr – lets you to add custom watermark (image or text) to your images online and free.
  7. Flickr Hive Mind – is a data mining tool for the Flickr photography database, allowing search by: metadata tags; Flickr photography groups; Flickr users, contacts, and favorites; text annotation; the Flickr Explore algorithm for interestingness.
  8. Merkitys Meaning – application for Symbian S60 smart phones that automatically adding contextual information and allows one click publishing from your phone to your Flickr account.
  9. nFlickrViewer – SimpleViewer with full Flickr thumbnail and full-image support
  10. Flickriver – it allows viewing Flickr photos as an infinite ‘river of photos’. Also has new ways to explore and view Flickr photographs.
  11. GratePic – a cross platform tool for posting, commenting and rating photos on flickr.
  12. Flickr photo owner finder – Helps find who took a particular Flickr photo that you have saved.
  13. FlickrSync – is a photo synchronization application for flickr users. Manage all your photos locally and FlickrSync will keep them updated in flickr.
  14. Statr for Flickr – collects data through api calls and allows you to track and plot page views statistics for your Flickr account.
  15. rTagger – helps organize your Flickr photo collection by allowing you to modify tags offline.
  16. Desktop Flickr Organizer for Gnome – The application allows online/offline mode management of your photos. You can upload, search and download photos, through the easy to use interface.
  17. flickrSLiDR – allows you to easily embed the classic flickr slideshows on your website or blog.
  18. Dojo/Flickr Image Gallery – an Ajax image gallery built on top of Dojo Ajax Toolkit.
  19. Flickr Notifier – a RSS notifier that displays images. The pictures pop up on your desktop in real time.
  20. AlphaLearnr – Flickr Mashup which helps children to learn English Alphabet through photos.
  21. Flickr4Writer – is a simple plugin for Windows Live Writer that enables a user to browse a Flickr user repository and insert an image from Flickr into a Writer post. Application of this tool in Flickr4Outlook and Flickr4Word
  22. UploadrXL – is a program to upload one or more images to Flickr and add them immediately to your Sets of Groups.
  23. Pictobrowser – widget to display flickr photos on your blog.
  24. Flickr set manager – allows you to automatically create new sets on flickr based on various criteria such as interestingness, date posted and tags, or even from a random set of photographs.
  25. Gickr – create an animated Gif from your Flickr photos
  26. GMiF – embeds a Google Maps in Flickr photo page and displays where the photo was taken on the maps, if the photo is geotagged.
  27. Fireflix – a flickr uploader / manager extension for Firefox web browser.
  28. FlickrStorm – a better way to search Flickr. Search for photos in Flickr by Creative Commons license, compile them in a batch and save them.
  29. WorldInPictures – find pictures close to any specified location.
  30. FlickrFaves – utility for downloading high-resultion versions of your Flickr favorites to your hard drive.
  31. Flickr Panel – plugin displays images direct from flickr user’s, groups, or tags or a combination of them.
  32. Localize Bookmarklet – bookmarklet that enables mapping, geocoding and geotagging directly in your Flickr photo page.
  33. Preloadr – Online image processing and phot optimization of Flickr photos
  34. Printr Killr – printing out instantly-designed card decks and calendars from Flickr
  35. Photo Desktop for Flickr – allows you to edit images before upload. Rotate, flip, tag, name, batch resize, and then batch upload your photos from one simple application.
  36. Flictionary – Type your stream of guesses, Flickr will listen and help you draw new photos.
  37. Flickr Finder – for Mac OS X Tiger. Easily naviagte your Flickr images.
  38. GlobeFeed Maps – The geotagged photos from flickr are integrated on Google Map.
  39. Flickr Flash Puzzle Zone – creates jigsaw puzzle to solve from your searched flickr images
  40. FlickrViewer – allows you to view a Flickr photo set in SimpleViewer, a popular flash photo viewing tool.
  41. FlickrFont – converts any text to images, fresh each time the page loads.
  42. Splashr – a tool for presenting Flickr photos..
  43. Flickr2Photocast – generates an iPhoto-compatible photocast feed from Flickr containing up to 500 images in their original format/resolution.
  44. Travelr – lets you display your Flickr photos geographically on a world map.
  45. FlickrFly – is a script that can be linked from the description or comment of a geotagged Flickr Photo to fly you that location in Google Earth.
  46. phpFlickr – a PHP client for the Flickr web service. It has functions that return the responses from Flickr’s API in a meaningful way for PHP developers.
  47. Bubblr – Create comic strips using photos from flickr.
  48. Favcol – the background of this page is flickr’s favourite colour
  49. h4ppierphotos – helps find photos that are not already in sets and/or filter by date and then add them to a new or existing set or tag them.
  50. ZoneTag – can automatically tag your photos with the location, based on the cell tower, in which they were taken.
  51. Flickr Mixr – uses RSS feeds provided by flickr and parses them to generate new images.
  52. Tiltomo – play with their Visual Search code using two sample databases from flickr.
  53. TagMan – a hangman game for Flickr tags.
  54. John’s Background Switcher – periodically changes the background image on your computer to a photo from flickr at intervals.
  55. RSS2PDF for Flickr – create PDF archives based on any Flickr newsfeed. The photos must be made public.
  56. Flickr & Webimager – Screen capture image upload tool based on flickr API.
  57. Spahk – MobileMashup to View photographs from Flickr based on keywords (tags) or a random sampling of interesting photographs on Java-enabled phones with MIDP 2.0 support.
  58. Flickrball – is a six-degrees-of-separation game, using Flickr thumbnails and tags for clues.
  59. Fastr – a game where you are shown a group of pictures from Flickr and have to guess the tag before other people do.
  60. FlickrFling – displays the text of news feed with accompanying images from flickr.
  61. Flickr Logo Maker – enter text and it generates a flickr style logo image
  62. Loopy – a desktop screensaver application that loops and shows flickr pictures at random.
  63. Flickr Sets RSS – Created RSS streams for sets of a user on Flickr.
  64. Flickeur – retrieves random images from and creates a stream-of-consciousness type of video clip.
  65. Findr – Find photos on flickr by browsing and refining related tags.
  66. Tagnautica – is an experimental navigation tool built to explore the space of related Flickr tags.
  67. Clockr – see the current time with flickr photos.The Flickr image urls will be stored locally, refreshed every three days to save bandwidth and speed up the start-up time.
  68. Slickr – Flickr screensaver shows images from a user, group, tags, etc. from Flickr.
  69. Gnickr – manage photos on your Flickr site as if they were local files on your Gnome desktop.
  70. Daily Zeitgeist – displays recent photos from Flickr on your website. Built in Flash.
  71. Wikinews Flickr License Searcher – searches flickr for images licensed under a specific license. Meant to help users of Wikinews find free images for use on the site.
  72. Yahoo Widgets for Flickr – get flickr related widgets on your desktop after downloading the Yahoo! Widget Engine.
  73. QuickrFlickr – a quicker way to generate HTML code of Flickr pictures for use in Xanga, other blogs, or any HTML Page.
  74. FlickrBuddy – See and download the most interesting pictures of your flickr contacts.
  75. FlickrWallpaper – is a simple desktop wallpaper changer that downloads photos based on tags from flickr.
  76. Flickrmap – Put a flash based world map on your own website or blog.
  77. Embedded Flickr Slideshows – All that’s needed is a bit of code to embed them within your website to give your readers something dynamic.
  78. Flickr hack: All Sizes for all pics – The public API gives directions for constructing the url of any photo based on information in the HTML of every photo page.
  79. Flickrfs Virtual Flickr Filesystem – Create a virtual userspace filesystem which allows easy uploading/downloading/searching of images through flickr.
  80. Phlickr – is an open source PHP5 based api kit used to access the Flickr API.
  81. Flickr AutoDownloadr – view Flickr photos in a fullscreen slideshow (Windows). Handy for showing off photos to a group of friends with a laptop and TV.
  82. Flickratr – vote from 1-10 for different flickr images.
  83. KFlickr – A standalone uploader for KDE
  84. FAlbum – a WordPress plugin that allows you to display your Flickr photos and photosets on your site.
  85. Flickr Album Maker – Make photoalbums using Flickr photos. Based on the php tools by Oberkampf.
  86. flickrRSS Plugin – This plugin for WordPress allows you to display a flickr style badge (for a tag, user, user tag or group pool) on your WordPress site.
  87. EgoWalk – see geographically where all your Flickr contacts live in the United States on a Yahoo! map.
  88. Photo Comment Tool – One-click grab and publish any Flickr photo into a Flickr photo comment stream or forum post.
  89. BreadKrumbs – Build instant page to page journeys across Flickr photos. Also works as a good group promotion tool.
  90. Flickr at Userscripts – More greasemonkey scripts tagged with flickr.
  91. FlickrFavs – an application for downloading your favorite photos.
  92. Flickr Explorer – Mass photo downloader for Flickr.
  93. Flickr Importr – a tool for Windows that allows you to upload images to Flickr and automatically add them to groups and sets.
  94. Flyr – search flickr for geotagged photos.
  95. FlickrRandom – presents randomly-picked photos from Flickr.
  96. Mobup – a small J2ME application that manage mobile photo uploads on your Flickr account
  97. fd’s Flickr Toys – fun tools for Flickr image editing
  98. QOOP flickr Photo Printer – online photo printing service for your Flickr photos in book form.
  99. Flickr idGettr – find your Flickr user id number. For some reason, the only way to figure it out is by looking at your RSS stream address.
  100. Flickr TopToolbar – a Greasemonkey script or a Firefox extension, that insets a toolbar across the top of all Flickr pages.
  101. Flickr MiniToolbar – a Greasemonkey script or a Firefox extension, that insets a small toolbar above the title of a photo on the photo page.
  102. Steganography with Flickr – See how steganographied images can be shared with Flickr friends to pass on documents or other files.
  103. Notifyr – subscribe to a Flickr photo page and get email notifications whenever new images are added.
  104. FlickrDown – downloading photos from Flickr to save locally easier.
  105. Flickr Album – an alternative fun way to view images at Flickr.
  106. Associatr – A tool for browsing related tags on Flickr.
  107. Lfvr – A light weight flickr viewer.
  108. Flickr Montager – create photo mosaics using flickr tags.
  109. Search Plugins:Flickr – searching flickr.
  110. Glimmr – is a photo uploader for the Flickr web service.
  111. Longline Tool – composes long line mosaics from the Long Line group pool over at Flickr.
  112. Flickr People Finder – a way of finding people on the big flickr visualization.
  113. FlickrJ – Java wrapper for the Flickr REST API.
  114. Flickr Automator Action 0.1 – Automated uploading to Flickr.
  115. Lickr – Flickr causes delay as flash loads. Lickr strips the Flash before the user can even see it, and replaces it with an equivalent interface in pure HTML and Javascript.
  116. Flickrfox -is an extension for Firefox (version 1.0) that lets you browse your Flickr photostreams in a sidebar.
  117. Degradr -is a Firefox Greasemonkey script to replace flash representations of photos on with the image files embedded in those flash files.
  118. Photoupload – Image uploader to flickr. Upload photos directly to photoset, Use IPTC and EXIF fields in photo description, and generate tags from IPTC keywords.
  119. – Upload images to your Flickr account in Python. Once this script is running, simply drag and drop images into the specified upload folder and watch as your images appear on your flickr account.
  120. Flickr Tag Related Browser -Just type a search tag and see amazing view of flickr images and browse related tags.
  121. 50 people See – is a program to blend Flickr images which share the same tags. No human is involved in choosing, positioning, or blending the images.
  122. Spell with Flickr -Generate one picture per letter.
  123. Flickr Postcard Browser – Browse Flickr Postcards
  124. TripperMap – automatically search your photos at Flickr for location information and plot the photos on your own Trippermap, on your own website.
  125. dFlickr wraps most functions of the Flickr API and provides the necessary classes to access users/photos/photosets/groups/pools/blogs in Flickr.
  126. Mappr is an interactive environment for exploring place, based on the photos people take.
  127. Flickr Color Picker – Using images from the Color Fields group, just click on a color, use the slider to adjust lightness and darkness, and it will show you photos with that color.
  128. 1001 – is a Mac OS X application for uploading and notifying you when new photos are added to streams you want to watch.
  129. Flickr Rainbow – displays most recent images from all the users at Flickr which have been tagged with the colours of the rainbow.
  130. Flickr photos on your TiVo is an application for the new TiVo HME which can display Flickr pictures on your TiVo
  131. flickReplacr bookmarklet – to swap a flickr pic for that word.
  132. Kubrickr is a tool that lets you replace the header of your WordPress blog with a nice photo from Flickr.

If you really get addicted onto Flickr – Upgade to a Pro Account and get more monthly upload limit, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited photosets with permanent archiving of high resolution original images. So have you Flickr-ed today! [Image © BestPhotoStudio –]

Do you know of a great Flickr tool which deserves to be in this list?


  1. Michael says:

    Hi! Great posting here! In my stats I see that quite a few people really use your article and I think that something like this is good to give people an impression of how powerful flickr in fact is. Your article is great and I hope, my contribution (“Basic Guidelines for Tagging”) will make it even better ;-)


  2. tom says:

    don’t forget FlickFolio… a somewhat-complete script to create an offsite gallery / portfolio via the Flickr API.

  3. Bryan says:

    You should update your post to reflect the new price changes and additions. Nice comprehensive post!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know of a good way to export Adobe Photoshop tags into Flickr directly, without have to retag everything?

  5. Jake says:

    Don’t forget It allows you to geo-tag your photos and see them marked on a map. It can easily import all your Flickr photos and you dont even need a GPS to do the tagging. Just enter an address or click on a map.

  6. Charles says:


    I just launched a new tool, Delivr:

    Love to know what folks think.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi. Great post.

    For those of you that blog & are Flickr members —There is a ring devoted to just that.

    As of today there are 95 members of Blogs That Flickr. I joined and it’s been great.

    You place a small code snippet on your site & visitors can surf other sites within the ring.

    You can check out the Blogs That Flickr homepage for more info. The owner has also posted a great list of flickr related links. Cheers!

  8. Allen Smith says:

    You can upload pictures directly from Motorola i860 to flickr with the location of the photo stamped in tags as well as a link to a map in the comments. here is one of my pictures:

    The phone adds tags of the city, state, and zip code of where the picture was taken as well as adding a link to a MapQuest map of the location. To enter your flickr email press # *your pin* 8 7 5 0 # from the first start-up screen. So if your pin is 1234 you would press the keys # 1 2 3 4 8 7 5 0 # and a screen will pop-up that lets you enter your flickr email and password

  9. Alx says:


    There’s a Flickr WordPress plugin on to mashup Flickr photos with reBlog.

    This site contains streetArt, retro and typo reblogging.



  10. J. J. says: has a frequently updated list of Greasemonkey scripts. It might be good to add that to your official list above. There are currently 20 scripts listed for Flickr.

  11. Al Simonds says:

    I want to create a slide show with Flickr…but be able to show captions for each photo. I know Flickr’s slide show mode does not support captions. So I’m wondering if there is any work-around. How do you “tell a story” with a group of Flickr photos? Thanks!

  12. Anonymous says:

    loads of useful flickr related scripts

  13. Daniel Drucker says: lets you view which of your photos do not belong to any sets sorts the photos in a set by date taken, a feature sorely lacking from Organizr lets you browse a big-screen slideshow of a set

  14. Dug says:

    Keep an eye out for a sharing tool from Cognima which allows users of certain cameraphones to have there pictures tagged and shared to Flickr with no intervention.

    I’m using a beta and it’s amazing. You take a picture somewhere with no network coverage (like on the tube), put your phone back in your pocket and finish commuting to work.

    Log on on to your desktop at work, check your Flickr home and the picture you took is there already.

    All the best

  15. Anonymous says:

    flickr interestingness RSS/Atom feed

  16. Anonymous says:

    ShoZu is an application for Symbian phones (Java and MS soon) that makes uploading photos, descriptions and tags to Flickr very simple.

  17. Jeremy says:

    This is a great list; I’m glad to see someone has compiled all of these resources together. I found this page looking for a Flickr rating system and was disappointed to find that the one on here didn’t seem to work (I registered, but never received by password nor any responses from the support alias). I would love to see a rating system built into Flickr and until then would like to see a third party tool built to assist in this.

    To this end, I built my own using the .NET API. This was originally intended for my own personal use but then I opened it up to my friends and it’s been relatively popular. It’s definitely in beta but seems to function better than any other rating tools out there so I’m submitting it for inclusion here.

    Feedback welcome, of course. Hopefully Flickr builds this in sooner than later.

  18. Ben Shepherd says:

    Flickr AutoDownloadr is a free tool to view Flickr photos from one user in a fullscreen slideshow (Windows). Handy for showing off photos to a group of friends with a laptop and TV. It can also display random Interesting pictures from Flickr.

  19. Jitendra Chaudhary says:

    Nice Collection.
    Worth visiting.

    Congratulations for such an excellent effort.

  20. Anne says:

    A new simple desktop wallpaper changer is available: FlickrWallpaper based on .Net 1.1 (no FlickrNet API required).

    This handy tool just downloads a random interesting photo based on a set of tags you provide.

  21. yosef says:

    Wow great tools
    Worth to try
    Keep on posting…

  22. Chubby Bat says:

    My flickrframe Dashboard widget uses the Flickr API to serve up a stream of flickr pics in a little frame on your Dashboard.

  23. Easy OnlineTips says:

    Good article, nice tools for bloggers

  24. Anonymous says:

    great blog.

  25. Mark Zeman says:

    I’m happy to announce the launch of is a web service that allows you to put a flash based world map on your own website or blog. Flickrmap will then automatically search your photos at Flickr for location information and plot the photos on your own Flickrmap, on your own website.

    It’s as simple as tagging your photos with a city and country name!

    Flickrmap also supports photos that have been geotagged or photos that have location data encoded in their EXIF properties. There’s currently 94389 geotagged photos at Flickr.

    Check out the website and let me know what you think. Please suggest any ideas you might have for new features.

  26. Chris says:

    Well after a few weeks of hard work and learning PHP I am ready to release a full working version of the FlickrSavr for Mac OS X. This version includes many improvments over the previous, and finally allows user interaction. More information and the download can be found at Let me know what you think!!

  27. Dan says:

    Hey, I’ve got a few php scripts folks might be interested in.

    A tag cloud script

    A calendar script

  28. Anonymous says:

    look at this, a website to see a specific user most interesting pictures

    The imapix most interesting.

    To generate one:

  29. Anonymous says:

    try the new flickrBuddy to explore and download your contacts most interesting pictures :D

  30. Jeremy says:

    I just added deskFlickr v1.0 which rotates your desktop wallpaper based on tags. It has a nice UI and minimizes to the system tray.

  31. Nolan Touchstone says:

    For Xanga posting you should try
    A quickr way to generate HTML code of Flickr pictures for use in Xanga.

  32. Medycyna says:

    Nice post. And very popular blog (a lot of comments).
    Good work.

    There are other sites which offers photo storage, but in fact flickr is the best.

  33. Ben Bishop says:

    Great collection of tools! Really encourages the belief that users of Flickr are part of a community.

    Check out my How to: Flikr Intro

  34. Markus says:

    Great list!

    I have just checked some of he tools and right now Flickr Importr is very useful for me. Flickr Importr handles the title, description and the tagging in a wonderful way. It uses some of the IPTC tags (well known as Photoshop file information).

    I have posted a little review on my blog: Review of Flickr Importr by Markus Merz … I am sure the review will be updated in the near future.

    If you plan to use Flickr Importr you should also have a look at PixVue … that is a great free image management software which integrates into Wndows explorer … best of all it comes with an awesome free IPTC editor … the link is in my review.


  35. SePP says:


    We just released our first stable version of our external flickr image viewer in flash. What a word ! :)

    It’s open-source so everyone can customize it to its needs. Users who don’t know flash can customize it trough a config xml file. Very easy.

    It would be cool if you could add us to the list..

    –> website download –> development blog

    Help for adding content to our support wiki or development of the flapi viewer is always welcome.


    The flapi team.

  36. cromo says:

    I have made a program to to download flickr photos from your contacts.
    You can check it at
    Its name is Portable Flickr

  37. zamm says:

    Is there a tool to see if your pics made it in the explore selection? It would be nice. :)

  38. shiraz says:

    Hi guys. I just made a widget to browse through photos on Flickr and it’s called Wickr. It’s available for download here.
    There’s also a website I made for Wickr here. :)

  39. Kelvin Luck says:

    I did a run down on a few Flash / Flickr tools a little while back… I don’t think that they have made it on to your list so here it is:

  40. mago says:

    flickrtop is another approach to explore interestingness. Back to August 2004 for every day until now one of the 20 most interesting photos will be selected and displayed in this ‘best of’-browser.

  41. Jason says:

    I just put up a flickr->iPhoto photocast system so you can subscribe to your flickr photos in iPhoto v6+.

    It’s at

    It’s still alpha, but it works well and I’m adding features.

  42. Rob says:

    Hi All,

    I just finished an application that lets you view Flickr photos on your phone. It should work on most MIDP2.0 enabled phones. Check it out at

  43. Babak Fakhamzadeh says:

    Useful post.

    But you didn’t include…

  44. Christoph Janz says:

    Wow, it’s incredible how many Flickr tools exist already.

    May I suggest another one, at Pageflakes we feature a Flickr Widget which allows users to browse pics from a Flickr tag right from their personal startpage.

    Feedback appreciated!

  45. dani says:

    Hi, great collection!
    but I think you missed two more applications and

  46. Anonymous says:

    I FOUND NEW TOOL using Flickr API.
    flickr and WEBIMAGER

  47. Elliot Smith says:

    Flickrlilli is a modest tool I built to enable searching Creative Commons content on Flickr. It differs from the default Flickr interface in that you can search by all CC license types at once.

    See it at:


  48. John C says:

    John’s Background Switcher – aside from having an unimaginative name – is a fully featured wallpaper changing utility that has myriad options to select photos from flickr as well as your local PC.

    Any feedback and / or suggestions are most welcome!

  49. carbauja says:

    Hello there,

    I just wanted to let you know about a Flickr application a friend and I wrote. It is called Groupr. It allows you to view the five most recent photos from all of a user’s groups. We would appreciate a link from your site.

    Thanks much!

  50. Bill Adams says:

    Hi there…

    Under the Official Flickr Tools area, the “Send To Flickr” Bookmarklet no longer exists, and hasn’t for many months.

    Just an FYI…

    Great site, by the way!

  51. Richard says:

    Hi. Would you please consider adding Flickr TagMan to your comprehensive Flickr list? It’s a hangman game for Flickr tags. When you guess a tag, you’ll see some photos from the tag as the “reward” for winning a game.

  52. Eric says:

    I have created a site called Groupr (it’s different than the Groupr listed above and I have contacted Jeremy about this). The purpose of the site is to provide a quick interface for adding photos to many groups at a time. The interface also allows people to quickly see the text of the group information pages so they will know the rules for posting in the groups.

    The site is at

  53. Joe Lencioni says:

    Good list. I recently finished a greasemonkey/creammonkey script that adds lightbox functionality to websites that link to images. While it is not specifically for Flickr, it does work quite nicely on the site. I call it Greased Lightbox. If you think it fits in this list, I would be happy for you to add it.

  54. Ryan Buterbaugh says:


    Just wanted to let you know about matchr, the flickr puzzle game. given 8 flickr tags and 16 randomly selected pictures, users have to find each set of two pictures that have a tag in common.


  55. Christian says:

    Hi, could I humbly suggest a link to my new flickr app, called h4ppier photos? It helps people find photos that are not already in sets and/or filter by date. Once they find a group of photos they can then add them to a new or existing set or tag them.


  56. Geoff says:

    Hi! Great list. Might I suggest adding Slideroll, which just recently added Flickr integration. thanks!

  57. Blake Schwendiman says:

    How about a few Google Homepage Modules for Flickr? I think Homepage modules are a great place to keep my favorite Flickrs.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Hello everyone. I’d like to suggest checking out my app called sprinklr. It allows you to quickly add your photos to many groups as well as see the group posting rules without leaving the page.

    you can use sprinklr here
    I would appreciate being added to the list as well.


  59. bouncingknee says:

    I have written a program to change the desktop wallpaper based on tags entered. Pictures are downloaded from Flickr obviously, check it out at Thanks

  60. Anna and Dani says:

    we’ve just released a new Flickr toy.

    It is called Bubblr and you can create comic strips using images from Flickr by adding bubbles to them. You can also upload your own images.

    Note that it is still in beta version, we’ve detected some bugs, but now we think there is an enough stable version.

  61. Grant Robinson says:

    This page is a great resource, thanks for putting in the time and effort to update it.

    I would be grateful if you could add to your list of tools my Travelr tool which lets you display your Flickr photos geographically on a world map:

  62. Rob Roy says:

    Take a look at FlickrFly ( – add a link to your geotagged Flickr image so you can fly to that position in Google Earth.

    Also see GETrackr ( for a way of generating geotags using Google Earth.

  63. Saffrrr says:

    I think this one deserves to be added:

  64. Dan Coulter says:

    You missed this one:

  65. Sati Hillyer says:

    Check out MarketBlast…

    It utilizes Flickr to host images for your eBay ads. It has a slick Flickr uploader feature.

  66. Enrique Alvarez says:


    just another addon: “geotagr” (to geotag photos in Flickr) >>> from


    Enrique Alvarez

  67. Oliver says:

    Great Collection but my tool is missing ;-)
    It’s a so called Memory Game, programmed in Java.

  68. Tom says:


    I’ve made a new site that finds the coolest photos on flickr using the power of the collective conciousness. It’s much simpler than meticulously rating them, you are presented with two photos, and you click the one that’s better. From the results of a bunch of people all doing that, we can figure out which photos are the best of the day. It’s still pretty beta at this stage, there are a bunch of features I’d like to add. But go check it out, I’d love to hear what people think. I find it totally addictive.

  69. Ken Prat says:

    I would just like to invite everyone to have a look at our Flickr presentation engine at .

  70. Greg says:

    Want to use Flickr photos of letters, numbers and punctuation to generate a FlicrkFont? Need to create zany fun headings? Feel like annoying your readers with pointless eye candy? Got just a few minutes to knock together a ransom note?

    Check out:


    This gaudy hack uses Flickr’s JSON feed to create a dynamic font based on pooled images. If you’re game, you can turn any HTML elements into a refreshing and unique pictorial representation of text using CSS. Eg

    <p class="FlickrFont">This text will get flickrised</p>

    Read more on Freshblog

  71. cetreman says:

    I just say this link in digg, it allows you to scroll flickr images in an up down position, looked simple and cool.

  72. Jahdakinebrah says:

    For anyone tired of adding notes to mosaics by hand,
    Flickr Goodies – Notes Generatr

  73. Chris says:

    Here is a new Flickr Flash Jigsaw puzzle application. You search Flickr using tags and then select an image to create a jigsaw.

  74. Gil says:

    A new site has been launched. It’s called and it’s the home of many toys for flickr. Make sure you try it out. New tools every week!

  75. Guillaume says:

    Hi all

    I’m looking for a hack that will display the tile of my pictures in the Flcikr badge as well as other infos (date , comments, notes)

    My badge is located here:

    if you can guide me i would appreciate

  76. Mark says:

    Thanks for collecting all thise links.

    Here is another tool some people may find useful: FlickrViewer is an extension to the popular SimpleVIewer (a flash photo viewing tool), and is free etc.

  77. jojo says:

    Here’s an updated Flickr Interestingness RSS feed to replace the defunct one (comment 17):

  78. Mark says:

    I need an application or tool that can extract all flickr tags and number of photos using each one…any one have a solution. Don’t care about the images or the links, just the tags themselves.

  79. ohad says:

    I’d like to recommend the new Bubbles Flickr Uploader, really cool, you open up flickr and simply drag-n-drop your photos into it.

  80. Wayne says:

    I currently use Gallery to host my photos. In an effort to keep it sync’d with flickr, I’m looking for a script that will take the RSS feed from the Gallery (which there is a hack for so it is formatted like a flickr RSS feed) and on a daily basis email new photos to the flickr upload address.

  81. deuts says:

    I wonder if you have gone across . It’s a good presentation using your flickr photos.

  82. Dave PS says:

    Shameless plug for my FlickrPanel. Allows you to view various Flickr photo’s within the Desktop Sidebar application

  83. David says:

    Is there a way to upload a picture and have it identifed when you do not know what it is? When someone shows you a picture and wants you to guess what it is, it would be handy to have a way to identify the picture when you give up.

  84. susan says:

    I looked for a flickr tip, but maybe I’m searching the wrong words… I have a few photos though not ‘interesting worthy’, but yet they are steadly climbing up in hits. Is there a flickr gadget that I can use to see if my photos are linked somewhere else on the web??

  85. slightlyblue says:


    I’ve just made this web app.
    Flickr Color Selectr

    It’s like the existing Flickr Color Pickr app, but non flash, but AJAX,
    and selects only Creative Commons licensed photos.

    love to hear anything from you.

  86. Andreas says:

    If you own a Nabaztag (a wifi enabled plastic rabbit), you can use the service nabazr to get it to read the latest comments posted to your public photos and sets on flickr.

  87. Magnus von Koeller says:

    While you already mention one Flickr favorites downloader on this page, I’d still like to add a link to my own: FlickrFaves For one, it is a cross-platform Java tool (the other is Windows-only). Secondly, it also allows you to download those of you favorites that you only have access to when you are logged in (the program gets read permission for your photos). Try it out, it’s easy, useful and free!

  88. Xabel says:

    beonr, new widget for flickr:

  89. Kostas Michalopoulos says:

    Hi, i wanted you to know that we made our free frameshow ecards system to “download” images from Flickr and “upload” them to Flickr accounts.

    A user can create (“frame”) an ecard using our (free) web tool using photos from her own computer, from a remote site using a web address or from her Flickr account and then send it via email as an ecard or save it to her Flickr account :-).

    Since i’ve spent around two weeks trying to make this thing work, i would like to hear any comments you may have :-P.

  90. Kostas Michalopoulos says:

    Um, i forgot to post the URL to the ecards system:

  91. mrp says:

    I’ve just created a new site for browsing flickr photos by location:

    Either enter a latitude/longitude or a place name and get a selection of nearby images.

  92. adrien says:

    I’m looing for a tool to replace an image without loosing the “Views” and the “Comments”.


  93. Stu says:

    Hi I wonder if theres a tool that lists your photo data into a text file. My main requirement is to find out which images are on my hdd but NOT on flickr in a particular set. This is tricky when managing huge sets.

    I noticed a linux virtual drive mapper, that would be ace for win.

  94. Frank says:

    Absolutely cool list – awesome!!! Exactly what i was looking for.

  95. Jason says:

    Slideshowr lets you make arbitrary slide shows, shows the photo titles, and plays music.

  96. johnson says:

    Flickr Contacts Organiser – A cool way to organise your flickr contacts via user tagging. You can read more about it here:

    And you can get the script here:

  97. milo says:

    doesn’t seem to work or exist(?) anymore,
    had a splashr gallery running, now the splashr site and gallery faded away.
    do anybody knows why?

  98. Julie says:

    How can I have a very small film strip of the latest 5 flickr photos in my flickr account integrated into a page on my own website?

  99. Michael Negus says:

    how about this?

  100. johnson says:

    Flickr Groups Organiser.
    Lets you tag/categorise your groups, making it easier to sort your groups list.

  101. Tinou Bao says:

    My contribution:

    A web-based (nothing to download) slideshow viewer that’ll display photos in LARGE or ORIGINAL size. Allows searching by tag and/or user, sorting, randomization.

  102. satish says:

    Is there any tool for adding frames to your Flickr Images.
    I would appreciate if anyone could help me with it.

  103. Michael says:

    You may want this one too

  104. Mark-S says:

    Nice list, good job,
    can you please add this – creating animated gifs from your flickr photos

  105. Flickrcn says:

    THX Share~

  106. tim t. says:

    is there a cropping tool anywhere on flickr or on a third party site?

  107. iTagger says:

    Don’t forget iTag.

    iTag is all about adding captions and keywords to your photos *before* you upload your photos.

    So all your original jpegs on your local hard drive have the same keywords as the uploaded copies.

    (Flickr recogises the data in the IPTC section of the JPEG file and automatically adds the data during upload – so you only tag once)


  108. //Rutger says:

    I just released UploadrXL.

    It’s a full featured upload application that uploads your photos, adds them to your sets and/or groups. It adds tags and a description based upon the EXIF/IPTC tags or your own values.

  109. solodad300 says:

    Someone told me there is a program that lets you see who has linked to one of your Flickr shots. I didn’t see it in your cool and extensive list but I may not understand all the terms or how such a program would be described. Any help?

  110. amc says:

    My “must have” tool is PicLens (from This should definitely be added to the list above.

    PicLens allows you to get an awesome “cinematic” view of the Flickr pictures. PicLens got some really great reviews in MacWorld, TechCrunch, and bunch of blogs.

  111. Iwo says:

    Hi. I have a vocabulary learning website that uses the Flickr API, its called WordMingle.

  112. timheuer says:

    check out:

  113. Jason Eppink says:

    I just released slideshowr

    It’s a Flash-based full-screen Flickr photo slideshow intended for long-term dedicated screens (like digital picture frames) that cycles through the latest photos from a user-specified photostream and presents them using optional and customizable pans, zooms, fades, and title/description text.

  114. dartar says:

    I’ve recently announced Group Trackr, a Flickr API-based tool to track growth statistics for public Flickr groups.

    Thought you guys may want to take a look at it.

  115. Kai says:

    Hey there!

    This is a really cool list! I found many great Flickr tools here….

    I just created the “FauxtoBooth Composr”, a Java-based application that helps you combine single images into “FauxtoBooth” strips… or any other kinds of tiled/mosaic images.

    Check it out….. :)

  116. Michael says:


    It occurred to me that older photos very rarely get seen as no one ever really browses past the first page or two of a photo stream. So, I wrote a little application which randomly selects photos from a group of your choice. It’s available on the web here:

    Hopefully some people will find it useful!


  117. Jonathan Aquino says:

    Hi QOT – Would you add the Flickr Notifier to your list?

    It pops up a thumbnail of new images, from any Flickr feed, in the lower-right corner of your desktop. (For Windows.)

  118. Jason says:

    I have noticed on flickr that some have larger thumbnail pictures on their pages. As most pictures look better larger, I was wondering how you do it?



  119. Raisinsawdust says:

    I would like to be able to know how many times my Flickr photo display was viewed – Individual photo tracking is fine, but what about the tracking those peple who view the entire collection and maybe open only a few or comment on only one. I’d like to know there was that type of activity. is there a tool for that?

  120. sivam says:

    You can now create color schemes with flickr phstos.

  121. HariKrishnan says:


    Flickr Mashup which helps children to learn English Alphabet through photos

  122. Son Nguyen says:

    I add credit text line to my Flickr photos using the auto watermarker at

    They also have a neat profile widget generator.

  123. Henry by Climbing Holds says:

    The biggest collection of Flickr tools i ever found in the world wide web. It takes some time to find this webside, but your site is very good an completed. Thank you so much for post all this links. Henry

  124. ?? says:

    I noticed a linux virtual drive mapper, that would be ace for win.

  125. Iwo says:

    I made a tool to retrieve original size of any flickr photo so check it out:

  126. ??? says:

    Is there a way to upload a picture and have it identifed when you do not know what it is?

  127. Rechtsanwalt Strafrecht says:

    Hi all, this is a very big collection of Flickr tools. I will try some of these tools now. It saves me some time to get all this links from you here. Thanks you so much for it. Ronald from Anwaltskanzlei Strafrecht

  128. Lindsay says:

    A friend of mine just posted this page. It’s pretty nifty, and I thought you’d appreciate it.


  129. B10m says:

    … and yet another Flickr tool:

  130. jasu says:

    FlickrSearcher ver 1.6 with Flashr and Flickr open api,

    This is a flash application. It thanks.

    Click download

    Application information

  131. steve says:

    steeevs flickr projects website has moved to
    and theres some new greasemonkey scripts, including:
    Flickr users in this photo
    Flickr inline forum post editor
    Flickr Group Pool admin warn and delete

  132. Kei says: is very useful and fun.

    Flickrank is a ranking system, which is determined by various factors such as The number and ratio of Photos in Explor, Contacts, Comments and so on. The site is very useful to check the popularity of a user.

    Please Add Flickranks to your list! Thanks.

  133. Anachostic says:

    Just published my application for editing tags offline. The application is rTagger. You can get it from .

    I created it because I had to edit the tags on a 5000 photo collection and I couldn’t imagine trying to do it using the web site.

  134. Stefan Riehl says:

    A new great Flickr tool for your collection: imageloopR

    users can get their favourite Flickr photos (from users, groups, friends, contacts, anyone) in a customized slideshow for personal websites or blogs. The best thing about the tool: Flickr photos will be updated automatically! So the user gets fresh photos every day!

    Congratulations for your great and helpful Flickr collection!

  135. Tony says:

    Maybe I’m just missing it in the huge list above, but has anyone come up with a tool yet for mass or batch deleting contacts rather than having to go into each buddy icon and deleting the contact that way? Thanks!

  136. Nico says:

    please consider my Statr for Flickr application.
    Statr for Flickr collects data through api calls and allows you to track and plot page views statistics for your Flickr account. Graphs are automatically updated on a daily basis and can be linked from external websites.

  137. Dawn says:

    Is there a tool that can allow you to see photos that users have set as Private?

  138. Shane O Sullivan says:

    I have created an open source Flickr Image Gallery build on the Dojo Ajax toolkit. You can get it at

  139. justin says:

    We’ve created a tool that gives you a very fast ajax interface for tagging pictures on Flickr. It allows you to use keyboard shortcuts for navigation, precaches images to provide fast response times, and requires no registration at all. Please use it and let us know what you think!

  140. Anselm says:

    If you want to compare your Flickr images based on a set of specific tags and visualize which images share multiple tags, then please visit and specifically You can embed a searchCrystal Widget of your Flickr images on your blog or web site. No registration is required and the widget lets you browse your Flickr tags, where a tag can be copied and used to fetch a new set of Flickr images with this tag.

  141. Alex Sirota says:

    I created a new Flickr viewer web-app site called Flickriver – it allows viewing Flickr photos as an infinite “river of photos”.

    Flickriver offers several views that are currently not available on Flickr like “most interesting user or group photos”. There’s also a badge maker, greasemonkey script and several additional goodies :)


  142. Andy says:

    Create a collage using your flickr account with one click…just by pasting the URL. More features coming in a few days.

  143. sammy says:

    a problem i am having and i am wondering if someone here knows about it is that i cant see a list of the files i have uploaded to flickr already so now i am comparing from batch uploads and it seems like i didn’t upload everything but i wanted to know if theres an easy way to figure out which i haven’t yet?

  144. Pankaj says:

    How can I download all my photo’s from flickr at one shoot in orginal size???

  145. Leon says:

    GratePic, a cross platform tool for posting, commenting and rating photos on flickr

  146. Zayar Soe says:

    flickr is a great tool for photos. I love it!!

  147. Pedro Geada says:

    Sorry. I’m reposting my comment because there was a wrong URL on the previous comment:

    FlickrSync is a photo synchronization application for flickr users. It displays your local folders and your flickr sets and it can establish synchronization rules between them. This way you can manage all your photos locally and FlickrSync will keep them updated in flickr.

    The new version which was just released is available for download at Codeplex
    You can also take a look at the FlickrSync Website which has a detailed explanation of all the features.

  148. Mathys says:

    Check out There is now Flickr and Twitter integration. This enables users to post directly to their Moby, Twitter and Flick accounts from their mobile phone or from email.

  149. jay says:

    man. so many choices… are there any simple, non flash viewers for websites? i’m still searching, but figured i’d ask. i need to have a client update/add images in flickr, and have them automatically update on their website since they can’t mess with any web code, and we want to avoid flash for their older non-web-saavy clients. no slideshow, but more of a thumbnail based, with descriptions. thanks, j

  150. Phil says:

    fantastic list.

    i’m after a tool to batch rename the titles of all of my images to “img” or “pic” in one hit.

    any ideas ?

  151. cOdH says:

    flickr fight. application just for fun ;)

  152. MBill says:

    Does anyone know about any tool that allows you to view pictures that users have set as Private?

    Btw, job well done.

  153. Jamie says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a tool to put on the group page that i am an admin for, that will place the group members on a map. Anyone know of one? Just thinking how cool it would be to show where our members are from.

  154. Mattt says:

    You might be interested in Flolcatr (, which I made for Yahoo Hack U at Carnegie Mellon a few weeks back. It’s kind of like a turing test for lolcats, which pulls photos from Flickr to generatively create new lolcats.

  155. Katalog says:

    I love the flickr sudoku too. Thank you very much..

  156. Marlis1 says:

    hello guys, I have lost my ‘add photo’ doohicky above the comment box- I have a new PC and i can’t find this tool anywhere. I am using VISTA now. If anybody remembers where i can find this, please let me know- I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

  157. Eitan says:

    A new application tags photos automatically using face recognition. It finds the faces in the photos and displays them to you. You can also train the system to automatically recognize people.

    It would be great if you can add this application to your list.

  158. Eitan says:

    The URL of the application is:

    (the URL is a bit hidden in my previous mail, so I posted to clarify)


  159. Spencer says:

    This is a nice page. I’ve been wondering how long Flickr has been around. I’m usually behind on the technology; one of my professors in grad school used to talk about the risk- and technology-averse people. I’ve considered myself to be one of them, but now that I know it’s a challenge I go for it. Today I’m giving a workshop on photo-sharing applications, and this page might prove useful, although it might have been more useful to have found it earlier. Great information and wonderful links to the many, many tools available.

  160. Starocie says:

    I love the flickr sudoku too. Thank you very much

  161. Daniel says:

    Photoree is a collaborative image recommendation system.
    It intelligently adapts to your preferences and taste, selecting the best images that may interest you.

    Currently aggregates images from Flickr.

  162. Fb says:

    Just released yet another flickr photo browser:

    Has some interesting options, such as showing camera info for each photo.

  163. Igor says:

    We’ve done small web-app called PicMarkr:

    PicMarkr lets users to add custom watermark (image, text or tile) to any picture, online and free.

  164. Jonathan Lieberman says:

    A really nice Apple TV like scrolling flickr photo viewer that defaults to flickr explore, but click in the lower right to add your own photos:

  165. Mike says:

    Smark (, which has been on this list for quite some time, now includes a group management feature. While using Smark to tag photos, you can also quickly submit them to multiple groups simultaneously. Other new features include dynamic tag suggestions, auto-completion, and improve status indicators.

  166. Nathan Siemers says:

    I would like to announce the availability of the Flickr Hive Mind data mining tool:

    Flickr Hive Mind is a data mining tool for the Flickr photography database, allowing search by: metadata tags; Flickr photography groups; Flickr users, contacts, and favorites; text annotation; the Flickr Explore algorithm for interestingness. Flickr Hive Mind can also be an effective tool to identify stock photography with licenses that allow non-commercial (and sometimes) commercial use. Finally, Flickr Hive Mind supports authentication to Flickr, thus enabling your content filtering preferences.

  167. Phlogre says:

    Phlogre is a tool that firstly had to be the better FlickrUploadr but then it grew up to a fullfledged photo organizer.

    Still in alpha but with every day and every new release it matures more and more.

    It’s open source, for Windows, uses .Net & SQLite

    Here it is:

  168. tinou says:

    A Flash 9-based Cover Flow Slideshow Viewer for Flickr photos, just like iTunes / iPhone:


  169. Asa says:

    One of my favorite tools is Meaning (Merkitys Meaning) from Merkitys,

    It is an application for Symbian S60 smart phones. I believe it was the first program of it’s kind. It allows tagging and describing pictures when taken, automatic uploading, automatic context tags that include geotagging using GPS, cell towers, and locality information even without GPS (user entered for cells or provided by the cell phone carrier in some cases).

    It hasn’t been updated for more than a year now, but works great in my experience.

  170. ali says:

    Flishr is a great windows application which covers all your needs with Flickr. You can download,Upload and search with just a few clicks. You can also create collections and add those favorite photos to your local collection and export the list of URLs for your collection in an XML file. So you may browse hundreds of photos and select the photos you like and finally download down in just a few seconds. Finally Flishr is Free to download and use.
    If you want us to add any more features please provide your comment at:
    Tx. Flishr Team

  171. luzer says:

    i would add , a remote admin tool for nflickrviewer and

  172. Chris Farrugia says: displays the most recent 1000 flickr explore photos, on a single page. Now thats a time saver!

  173. Web 2.0 & Usability Blog says:

    I guess that Flickr video has come about, many more tools will become available.

  174. Bart Samwel says:

    Maybe you want to list Taggl ). It’s a tag based search engine that simultaneously searches Flickr content as well as content from other sites that use tags such as YouTube. Especially the “tag drill down” feature is cool: it shows a cloud of related tags after a search, with their relative frequency, and allows you to “drill down” within your search results using those tags, with a single click!

  175. Custom Flickr Calendar says:

    You can create custom advanced photo calendars with

  176. kmd says:

    flickrBox JS is a mashup of Flickr APIs and Lightbox JS v2.0. You can search for photographs on Flickr using a very wide variety of search parameters and the results are presented using the excellent and very popular Lightbox JS v2.0 library. All parameters are optional and if values are not specified, defaults will be used where applicable.

  177. Mike says:

    Hi there, I am the author of smark the flickr tagging tool, and I wanted to let you know of my latest tool.

    Rate people’s photos on Flickr, Picasa Web, and Smugmug (coming soon).

  178. haberler says:

    automatically search your photos at Flickr for location information and plot the photos on your own Trippermap, on your own website. where is cool

  179. Garri says:

    Liked FAlbum!
    I shall use FAlbum on its site.
    Thank you!

  180. alex says:

    extremely long list! well done.

    You missed FlickrShop – the Photoshop plugin for uploading image / photos to Flickr.

    The good thing is that it’s for Mac and for Windows.

    And it’s free for up to 3 uploads a day! I think this is pretty cool.

  181. Mike says:

    You should have a look at this flash tool

  182. Bernat Casero says:

    Contacts Activity look at your contacts faves and comments on your last photos….

  183. Dragos Panoiu says:


    I would like to show you my new website offering upload services to Hi5, MySpace and Flickr using any mobile phone. People are sending photos using MMS to a regular email address where they first registered their mobile email address.


  184. Reality Software says:

    Hi, I would like to submit an application we’ve developed:

    Name: Flash Gallery
    Description: Free application that allows to create an online slideshow from Flickr photostream.

    Thanks in advance.

  185. Joe FotoViewr says:

    I’d like to also add my new website – FotoViewr – It’s a 3D photo gallery for Flickr and Facebook photos. You can easily create a photo gallery which you can embed in your website in seconds. No sign up or registration required.

  186. nitrodesk says:

    And for those of you who want to manage photos on your desktop without waiting for browser refresh (read smart caching) and also upload and transfer photos between different sites, may i suggest NitroDesk (

    You can also keep folders on your pc in sync with your flickr collections (photos automatically synchronized between two)

  187. Bond Art + Science says:

    Here’s a fullscreen flickr account viewer we just created. You can download for free, or simply use by putting your flickr username in the form and hitting Submit:

  188. Andrew says:

    Does anybody know of an application that could prompt you to select from a list of required tags before adding your own tags? Trying to get 14,000 images in our office onto flickr. There are 90 employees and we would like to have them pick from a list of required ‘basic’ tags when they upload and then add any additional tags afterward. Let me know!

  189. Brett Jones says:

    Here’s a site I built to “Map A Set” from flickr and embed in your website or blog:

    It will allow you to put a map on your website based on a set. I use it for trips, I create a new blog post with an iframe in it of mapaset and then as I upload pictures to the set on flickr, everyone can see where I’ve been for the day.

  190. aberrant80 says:

    It would be even better if that list is divided into “Official”, “Windows-only”, “Linux-only”, “Multi-platform”, and “Web-based”. At present, there are very few Linux tools for Flickr; making it rather tedious to have to read through the entire list only to find that there’s no tool listed here that supports Linux and does what I want…

  191. igor says:

    We’ve just released PicMarkr Pro ( – a software that lets you to replace your Flickr photos with watermarked copies.
    There are much more features as well (batch resizing, rotating, import photos from Flickr etc)

  192. Rajeev says:

    Thanks for posting these links. I am looking for a tool, which can download photos alongwith their tags. Most of the tools can download based on tag/s, but not all other associated tags.

  193. Louise says:

    Check out my first API app.

    Flickr Quick Links lets you lock down your account and just share selcted pictures in Large and/ or Original sizes.

  194. ScottMon says:

    Wanted to share my site with folks. It’s about discovering great photography from Flickr. You can fave and see your faves from Flickr. Photos are organized by interestingness so you see the photographers best work first. Enjoy.

  195. katsukun says:

    FlickrOla! is an Adobe AIR application that gives you an update of your Flickr contacts photostream in a small window in the bottom right corner of your screen.

  196. BogImp says:

    wow too many i using ImagePut application, you can use for bulk sharing images to free(no registration) fast hosting like this one also i using for generate web albums.

  197. Schillr says:

    Hi all,

    i have just created a new flickr application with the flickr api:

    Schillr is an application that converts stereoscopic 3-D images from flickr into different output modes, e.g into parallel viewing mode, cross viewing mode or anaglyph mode (for red/cyan glasses).

  198. Marcel says:

    “Flickr Contacts Feed Exporter”

    maybe somebody already knows another one. i couldn’t really find one, so i coded one :)

    it lets you export all your contact’s feed urls as plain text or OPML file which you can import into a Feed reader of your choice.

    hope somebody finds it useful

  199. Marcel says:

    forgot the link in my last post :)

  200. Amit Gupta says:


    We made a really fun Flickr app called Time Capsule. Would love to have it added to your list!


  201. Ian Gilman says:

    I’ve recently put together a mash-up JavaScript slideshow of the day’s popular images from Flickr and deviantART, as well as the most recent images on FFFFOUND:

    It’s not strictly just Flickr, but I think it fits in this list. Anyway, check it out… it’s kind of addictive. :-)

  202. axl says:

    Is there a tool or a way that will let me look at a flickr user and see what photos they have looked at recently?

  203. Pierre Bernard says:

    HoudahGeo for Mac OS X Tiger & Leopard allows for geocoding photos and uploading to Flickr

  204. weefselkweekje says:

    I created a Flash based widget: you might like to check out…

  205. Nathan Siemers says:

    I’ve built a new flickr tool called “Blackmagic”, which is similar to “on black” but with some features that make it much more convenient to use,

  206. Andy Fu says:

    After working frequently and tediously on sorting out thousands of pictures on my cameras, hard drives, and Flickr website, I got tired of the tedious and error-prone job and therefore created this tool to help streamline the process…

  207. Andy Fu says:

    The link didn’t show in my previous comment. Here’s the link: . Free download!

  208. Harikrishnan says:

    Mashup which allows people to browse through list of “Birds of the world”, categorized by continent and country. When you click a bird name link, photos matching the bird name are retrieved from Flickr and shown.

  209. spirit says:

    Browse Flickr photos of the world in a fast and fresh google maps:

  210. venkat says:

    Really great colelction of flickr tools ,bookmarked .Thanks for sharing

  211. Stefano Bertini says:

    Hello everyone…

    I developed FlickrGroupPoster , a tool to post photos in groups in a batch way !

    Hope you find it usefull

  212. Minh Trung says:

    Great collection for me.
    Thank you.

  213. sandman says:

    Does anyone built a photo aggregator site using flickr, picasa and facebook photos ?

  214. James says:


    I have written a tool that generates images of a user-defined size using randomly selected flickr photos. I have called it frigtool – flickr random image generating tool – and it can be found at .

    Hope it proves useful for those looking for random images to fill space somewhere!

    Thanks for compiling such a useful list by the way, certainly plenty of cool apps out there.

  215. Gummistiefel says:

    Flickr Tools – Flickr is good, but we want more. We want to convert images to flash galleries, make puzzles from our photos, search for Creative Commons content and see what we can use, we want to integrate, optimize and pimp our Flickr profile, and the huge collection of tools offered here should keep you busy for a few days days.

  216. Steve says:

    I have just published a new application that will download images from Flickr on to digital photo frames.

    I have found it invaluable for keeping my family updated with photos of our daughter.



  217. Arun says:

    Flickr Explorer with EXIF data

    Flickr Explore is an amazing source for finding good photographs. Unfortunately Flickr does not provide a direct way to view the EXIF information of the photos in Explore. This information is very useful for photographers to fully understand the techniques used in capturing the image. This application will capture the EXIF information of the Explored photos for any day.

  218. vfox says:

    I have created a tutorial to
    Download Flickr Photos in Batch

  219. Digital Nomad says:

    Thanks for posting this. Still helpful in 2009!

  220. arun says:

    Hi, I want to inproduce my application “Flickr Explorer with EXIF” that lets you view Flickr Explored photos for any day you choose (or go random) with the photo EXIF data.


    You can also search by Tags, Photo description or by flickr user id to view the person’s most interesting photos again with EXIF.

    This is intended as a learnign tool for photographers who can understand photographs better by looking the technical information contained in EXIF.

  221. ravi says:

    I want to create a slide show with Flickr…but be able to show captions for each photo. I know Flickr’s slide show mode does not support captions.

  222. ScottMon says:

    Wanted to share with folks. Its a site for discovering spectacular photography on Flickr.

  223. DarrenJames says:

    I’ve created a site at that allows you to create fully customisable embeddable Google Maps from your Flickr Photosets for use in your website or blog, or for sharing on Facebook or twitter.

  224. Gif Photo Animator says:

    I like animating images in GIF formats. Try using WeGif. The animated photos there made by users look awesome.

  225. Andrew says:

    I am looking for a tool which would generate thumbnails (HTML) for a set of photos or pictures that I could post on my website. Right now I have to do it manually for EVERY picture (select the size I want and copy the HTML code). Can’t believe there’s no tool for this!

  226. drikin says:

    I published Flickr2Tag that is generate the HTML tag for blogging.

    see detail

  227. Sunil says:

    Another light weight Flickr tool here…

  228. Pranav Bhasin says:

    Thats a great collection of tools!

    We have launched a unique widget that lets you surf through your entire photostream within the embed. Its really easy to use and can handle flickr, picasa, facebook and photobucket pics too!

    Please find more details here:

  229. flickman says:

    It helps adding photos to multiple groups at single button click .A great tool!

  230. hiron says:

    These are the tools that can make our tasks with photos more easy. Great tools to use.

  231. Kavita says:

    Amazing Flickr Tools list. Worthy to try. Thanks

  232. Prakaz says:

    Bulkr is an app that download Flickr photos in Bulk. It can also backup your entire stream with a click. More than 50+ million photos have been downloaded with it as of this writing (July 2011).

  233. Dudu says:

    there is PhotoRee – great way to search images by keyword an license type, most of them coming from Flickr

  234. Brandon says:

    PhotoSync is the easiest way to upload and download your Flickr photos and videos. It is a desktop application that automatically synchronizes the photos between your computer and your Flickr account. It monitors a directory on your computer – any changes you make in this directory will automatically be reflected on Flickr. )

  235. Yogi says:

    Another great Flickr tool is

  236. Sohail Qaisar says:

    Excellent tools :)

  237. Imtiaz Ali says:

    Very nice tools! Thanks for sharing :)

  238. Ichi says:

    For Windows uses I recommend Flicr Fast Downloader:-)

  239. Jamie Kitson says:

    Great list, can I add my own Flickr Auto Uploader for Windows Phone.

  240. PicBackMan says:

    That’s a comprehensive list. Please have a look at PicBackMan, an automated bulk photo & video uploader that lets you backup 1000s of photos and videos to your Flickr account. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

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