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5 Easy Steps for Better Domain Name Security

Securing your domain name is very essential. Don’t let someone steal and transfer your domain name without your knowledge. You will be surprised how many people are complaining of stolen domain names, and it happens everyday! Here are some simple…

alphabet letters

Alphabet Buys New Super-Long Domain Name

Can you guess which domain name did Alphabet, holding company of Google just buy? Well currently Alphabet company is hosted on the domain name at, but they have now registered as well. So why not register which…

sucks domain name

Register .SUCKS Domain Names Starting Today

.SUCKS domain names registration opens for general public today on 21 June. Its a domain name any brand would like to register, not to popularize, but rather to block and hold to prevent misuse from people posting critical and defamatory…

amazon s3 backup

How to Backup Websites on Amazon S3

It is always a good idea to backup your website on a location other than your server, and Amazon S3 is a useful storage option safely hosted by the powerful Amazon servers. The last tutorial explained how to backup websites on your…

backup server

How to Backup Websites on Your Hosting Server Easily

How do you backup all your websites on your hosting server? Chances are that you are relying on your hosting provider to backup your site, and probably even have no idea if your site is properly backed up. Complete site…

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3 Essential Server Security Software You Must Use

Always keep your server secure by using these essential server security software installed on your hosting server. While we have been on a managed VPS Hosting for quite some time, after our server got hacked,  I realized that there was an urgent need…

google domains

Free Private Domain Registration on Google Domains!

Want free private domain registration? Google Domains is Google’s own domain registration service and it opened its door in the US today offering feature rich domain registration services and promise to be a game changer in the lucrative domains business….

ooo domain name

Buy the Cool .OOO Domain Name

You can register .OOO domain names now and get a cool url to show off. As more and more new top level domain names get available, domain owners are spoilt for choice and can get a new variety of top…

ceo domain names

Exclusive .CEO Domain Name for Leaders

.CEO domain name is what will separate leaders from others. This new domain name promises the best identity domain name on the web for leaders and top executives of companies. Not every person can be a CEO, thus attaching .ceo…

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QuickOnline.Tips – Our New Domain Name

A dream came true! We finally grabbed a .tips domain name and is another memorable way to access the site (besides the short for easier mobile typing). This gives the QOT branding an exceptional boost and expands our quickonlinetips…

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