Google Minimizes Impact of Googlebombing and Linkbombs


Manipulation of Google search results to gain high search engine rankings is a common SEO practice. But Googlebombing is something which is frowned upon. A Googlebomb or Linkbomb is a prank where people attempt to cause someone else’s site to rank for an obscure or meaningless query. Read more about Googlebombs at Wikipedia.

Google now officially says that by improving analysis of the link structure of the web, Google has begun minimizing the impact of many Googlebombs.

“Algorithms are great because they scale well: computers can process lots of data very fast, and robust algorithms often work well in many different languages. That’s what we did in this case, and the extra effort to find a good algorithm helps detect Googlebombs in many different languages. We wouldn’t claim that this change handles every prank that someone has attempted.”

Now expect to see more relevant searches. Have more fun with GoogleWhacking.


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